FBI Investigating Suspicious Package Left At Parma Bank

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PARMA, Ohio —  FBI Agents in Parma are searching for answers after a suspicious package was left at a bank early Tuesday evening.

Parma Police Sgt. Kevin Riley confirms to FOX 8 News that the package was left inside the Huntington Bank along the 6600 block of Ridge Road, near the Parmatown Mall at roughly 5:00 pm.

Bank employees immediately called 9-1-1 and alerted authorities.  Parma’s first responders deemed the unknown package as suspicious.

The Southwest Emergency Response Team was called in for assistance.

Once on scene officials examined the package and it was eventually removed from the area.  The entire bank branch was then quarantined and thoroughly searched.

Nothing was found during the inspection.

FBI agents have launched their investigation.  They started by interviewing bank employees and reviewed surveillance video.

Stay with FOX 8 News online and on air for the very latest on this investigation.


    • Dawn

      I call BS. Why is it your co-worker’s mother-in-law doing this. Seems like if you knew she was making that much money, you would do it too??

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