Father Arrested, Charged in Baby’s Death

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Timothy Sullivan (Photo credit: Portage County Sheriff's Office)

Timothy Sullivan (Photo credit: Portage County Sheriff's Office)

Timothy Sullivan (Photo credit: Portage County Sheriff’s Office)

WINDHAM, Ohio– A man has been arrested and charged in connection with his baby’s death.

Portage County Sheriff David W. Doak said Timothy T. Sullivan, 25, was arrested after an investigation that began on August 22, 2013.

Authorities said on that morning, Sullivan reported waking up and finding his 2-month-old daughter unresponsive.

The baby was pronounced dead at Robinson Memorial Hospital.

During the investigation, the sheriff’s department said they learned that Sullivan’s actions did result in the baby’s death.

The case was presented to the Portage County Grand Jury. The following indictments were issued: involuntary manslaughter, felonious assault, child endangering, reckless homicide and tampering with evidence.

Sullivan is being held at the Portage Jail without bond.


    • DarinC

      i know who this man he was a good friend in school he was always a kind person to every one somehting doesnt seem right

  • DarinC

    you guys this is a terible thing but iknow this guy personaly we was always kind to people in and out of school i realy hope this isnt true sorry for the family

      • Nicole

        Harley I am so sorry for your loss, and judging that this has been open since August they could have heir evidence wrong. I pray for the best for you and your family. I hope you find peace.

      • Trudy Knox

        Sorry for your loss, “but” if the grand jury and prosecutors didn’t have cause or evidence ,then your husband wouldn’t be in jail. If he is found guilty then you need to GET A DIVORCE.

      • donna

        we understand this is your husband but my lord this also was your infant daughter I would never defend my husband over something like this may your little angle r.i.p

  • Patt vick

    Pretty harsh and way too quick to judge. If we were all judged by our looks, one of you looks creepy to me and the other looks like a hooker. Give the guy the benifit of a doubt and wait for the facts to come out.

  • Kim

    This man is sick in the head. Evidence doesn’t lie!! I can’t believe that someone would have the ability to look at a 2 month old baby and kill her cold blooded! What kind of world do we live in? This is seriously the most disgusting thing ever and I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life!

  • Nicole

    Everyone judging a book by its cover, shame on you! And you agree with SoSueMe? She hides behind a fake name. It is my personal belief she has two names she uses, and hes always spewing racist garbage and she ignorantly just judged this man by his picture! You are both ignorant, racism in any form not tolerated. Well as a Caucasian female, I am offended by SoSueMe and her lack of racial comments on this. I judging shes an old white racist, but only calls her own race pigs and such. How about this what a white trailor trash hunky. I mean heck you call African Americans everything. Ignorance. Neither way of name callin is appropriate. Evey race has dirtbags. This man however may not even be guilty.

  • mindyourbusiness

    if this happened to someone in your family you wouldn’t be saying any of that. instead of sharing this 400 times on facebook why don’t you pray for the family who has to suffer threw this? portage county constantly presses charges on people with lack of evidence its not a secret. involuntary manslaughter means he didn’t do it on purpose so it wasn’t in “cold blood.” get a life people and pray for Harley and her other daughter chloe. r.i.p baby scarlett

  • Cindy Cole-calise

    Pray for both families to be able to get through this. The loss of a child is horrific to say the least. But to put a man behind bars who may have done nothing wrong is a far worst scenario. I hope and pray the truth comes forward and justice is served but knowing the system ,a lynch mob is more likely.

  • debbie walker

    and judging by some of these comments, a lynch mob is forming. i can’t believe the ignorance of some people. i don’t know this man, but i’ll be damned if i’ll judge him. if the county has been investigating since this happened in august, tells me that this is not cut and dry. i’m willing to bet it was an accident, my god, the man has to live with this for the rest of his life. i remember how it is, i still find myself wanting to put my grand baby in bed with me, just for a nap. harley, i am so very sorry for your loss, and you and your family will be in my prayers.

  • Patti

    I do know this young man. I have never known him to be anything but sweet and considerate. I think some people are being way too judgmental not even knowing Tim. Don’t pay any attention to some of these comments Harley. Praying for you and Tim and Family.

  • Zack Conklin

    Tim is my brother in law I’ve known him since my sister started dating him when I was thirteen. He is a good person, and to be going threw this is putting an innocent man in more pain than he already is in. Love you Harley I hope every thing will work out for the best, and to the people saying all this stuff about him is just ignorant. Just think how you all would feel if you lost your child. R.I.P to my little niece scarlet I will always love and miss you.

  • Bill Eskins

    It took 4 months to charge the guy. It is involuntary manslaughter. The editorial is very vague. No details, yet you people want to convict him because you don’t like the way he looks? INVOLUNTARY means it was caused by actions that he did not intend. He was probably negligent in watching the child closely enough when something terrible happened. Knowing Portage County, they trumped up the charges knowing that he would have to hire a lawyer and the court would stand to make a lot of money, only to reduce it to a plea bargain lesser charge of negligence and charge the man with heavy fines and court costs. If this turns out to be the case, I feel sorry for this man who will live with guilt the rest of his life and a criminal record as well. You people are too quick to judge

  • Ray smith

    Don’t be fools! He did it and she tried covering it up! The police were investigating for months! If it looks like trash. It is!!

  • concerned

    So many rumors are flying about this.
    I’ve heard it was accident and he panicked..
    Either way only he knows the truth. I’ve been praying for the family and my heart go’s out to all involved..This is so sad and a mother lost her child so people have a heart.. I’m sure if he is proven guilty she will make the right decision at that time.. Let the woman grieve her child. God bless you and that child..

  • Judge Not Lest Ye Be Jusged

    Lets explain a few things shall we….the paper stated the investigation has been going on since 8/22. Which is not the whole truth. The sheriff’s office was waiting on the result of the baby’s autopsy. According to the autopsy findings and based upon what the father told the police the findings don’t match up.with his account. So automatically let’s assume dad done something. Not the fact he was prob in shock when questioned. IM means it was an accident. But based on his negligent actions (allegedly) is what caused the baby to pass away. This could be anything from propping her bottle up and accidentally falling asleep . Or having her in bed and accidentally rolling over on her while he fell asleep from exhaustion from having a 2 nth baby in the house. Don’t say you never propped a bottle up or was nursing and fell back asleep with the baby in bed with you. None of us know what truly happened except Timothy. As for Harley. The Bible states a woman shall be with her husband for better or worse and to forgive and love. Who are you to say what she should or shouldn’t do. She lost her infant baby and will never get her back. She now faces losing her husband which was her strength to carry her through her grief. I agree with the person about the fines, charges, plea bargains. Do I think he purposely hurt his baby absolutely not. From what I read about him everyone says he was a nice guy. He was laughing and smiling with the pictures of the baby and him. Bottom line. He knows the truth and will answer to God as to why. For the rest of you stop saying such hateful spiteful things just to see your name on a comment. In my opinion bullies like you do this because you are unhappy with your own life. Focus on making yourself feel better maybe then you won’t have time to make fun of someone because he is not handsome. To his wife he is gorgeous.

  • Sid

    Judge not that you be not judged, for with what judgement you judge, it shall be meted unto you again. Be careful what you say cause you don’t know what your talking about & God will Judge you as you judge Tim. God Bless you Harley! I pray God will bring the truth to light & vindicate Tim! God knows what happened. I have been falsely & people want me in prison also

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