Police Warn Against Gunfire Celebrations on New Year’s Eve

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Credit: MGN Online

CLEVELAND– A word of warning from Cleveland police as we get ready to ring in another new year.

They want people to know the serious risks of celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve. Police say all too often innocent people are injured or killed when this happens.

Not only could someone get hurt, but police say it’s illegal to discharge a firearm in the City of Cleveland.

They said officers, along with fire and emergency medical service personnel, will be on-duty throughout neighborhoods on New Year’s Eve, patrolling and ready to crack down.

They also addressed fireworks, saying to leave that to the professionals.

You can report suspicious activity on your phone through the iWATCH NEO app. CLICK HERE for details.


  • SoSueMe

    LM@O! How will they know if it’s just everyday Cleveland ghetto gunfire or someone just shooting in the New Year? Good luck on that!

  • george johnston

    Deaths by gunfire celebrations are non-existent in the US. Maybe in Iraq but not here. As for fireworks, don’t think there is a recorded death from fireworks in Ohio this year. Why don’t the police concentrate on homicides, rapes and robberies. People are getting raped, robbed and murdered in Cleveland on a daily basis. Fireworks aren’t the problem.

  • Joe Aaron

    Really George Johnston, you don’t see an issue with people shooting guns off all over the ghetto? Wow…pretty typical though.

  • edwardM

    Getting killed or injured is a problem, George. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)between the years 1985 and 1992, doctors at the King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, treated 118 people for random falling-bullet injuries. 38 of them died. This is just at one medical center in the US. in Georgia, New Years Eve 2009 celebratory gunfire killed a young boy, Marquel Peters while he was in a church with his parents. The CDC further points out mortality rate among those struck by falling bullets is about 32%, compared with about 2% to 6% normally associated with gunshot wounds, because of the high probability of being hit in the head. George, I sincerely hope you will forgo firing any firearm into the air. At least I hope you don’t live near me.

  • edwardM

    I forgot to mention in contradiction to your misinformed statement about deaths from celebratory gunfire being non existent in the US- that Los Angeles and Georgia are in the United States.

    • SoSueMe

      You do realize your data is pretty old, right? I tend to agree with George. But anti-gunners will spew out anything to push their agenda.

      • edwardM

        SoSueMe, I hope you also don’t live near me. You need to have a total ignorance of the laws of Physics and a complete lack of common sense to shoot firearms intro the air. For your information the NRA does not support celebratory gunfire. The website http://www.usacarry.com has posted a very strong condemnation of the practice. It is not a question of second amendment rights it is question of the right to using firearms in an idiotic manner. Incidentally, falling bullets today can be just as deadly as they were a decade before.

      • SoSueMe

        I do not live near you, trust me. I also know how to handle a firearm properly. I’m well aware of the safety aspects of handling and shooting firearms. I handle them daily. I also know my terrain before ever firing a weapon. So, do not assume I’m “ignorant” towards handling firearms, it only makes you look “ignorant”. That said… The data is what I question, not the firing a gun in a city or little suburbia. K?

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