Man Pleads Guilty to Murdering Women, Raping Children

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CLEVELAND– A Cleveland serial rapist, who murdered two of his victims in the early 1990s, will never get out of prison after a plea deal and sentencing.

Monday, Elias Acevedo, 49, pleaded guilty to 297 counts, including charges for the murders of 18-year-old Christina Adkins in 1995 and 30-year-old Pamela Pemberton in 1994.

Adkins disappeared at the age of 18; she was five months pregnant.

Pemberton was Acevedo’s neighbor.

A judge sentenced Acevedo to 445 years in prison.

Prosecutors said they convinced Acevedo to confess by agreeing to drop the possibility of the death penalty.

Acevedo also admitted to raping and kidnapping four other females.

Three of his victims were blood relatives, and children at the time of his repeated sexual abuse.

FOX 8′s Jack Shea reports that every time a plea was entered, Acevedo looked down.

After the long list of guilty pleas, Acevedo’s victims stood up and spoke to their abuser and the packed courtroom

"I just wanted to be heard for 16 long years," one rape victim said.

"There have been so many tears and so much pain you will never understand," another said through tears.

"For the last 20 years I've had to live with what he did to me mentally, emotionally and physically," said a woman who was raped by Acevedo in 1993.

The families of Adkins and Pemberton also spoke.

"He doesn't realize what a beautiful person he took away from me," Christina Adkins' mother, Debbie Marmol, said.

It was really horrifying. It's been very horrifying the last 19 years, not even knowing who did it," Pamela Pemberton’s sister, Sheila Pemberton, said

Acevedo stood and apologized.

"And I'm sorry. I wish I could bring your daughters back," he said.

The judge told Acevedo, “You have shocked the conscious of the community by your actions.”

After the sentencing, Acevedo’s attorney, Bret Jordan, said his client does not know why he committed the rapes and murders.

"He doesn't remember most of them. He was either highly intoxicated or high," Jordan said.

The judge ordered Acevedo immediately turned over the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to begin serving his sentence.

Blaise Thomas, an assistant prosecutor for Cuyahoga County, called it  "... a very quick resolution to a very complex case."

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    • Michelle

      Life in prison does not mean the rest of that person’s life. I believe there is a number associated with the term life in prison. It may differ in other states as well. If life is 26 years and that person gets good behavior he can be out in 10-15 years and back on the street. So by giving this piece of garbage 400 + years there is no way he will be out of jail before he dies. I like that sentence better.

    • Judy

      I agree with you Rick … the problem is the justice system. They still go home to their families … they don’t care … and as far as the family member that Acevedo raped … shame on her for just reporting it and not pursuing it because she was scared. I consider her a loser too … she could have saved the lives of Pamela Pemberton & Christina Adkins and other victims and Christina and her baby would be here with her family. Shame on all of you!!!
      I hope Acevedo has a lot of soap-on-a-rope because he’s going to need it … I hope the inmates where Acevedo is at will take really really good care of him and let him know they don’t put up with baby killers and rapists and sickos!!!! Please make sure that he’s always reminded every single day what he did … don’t let up … obviously he likes torture … give it right back!!! I feel the families of the victims should be able to make the decision on what he fate would have been. I know they would have made the right decision — not like our justice system did!!! My heart goes out to the victims and families that Acevedo hurt!!! My prayers are with you. Acevedo will get his just reward one day and hopefully sooner than later!!!

      • Sarah

        The family members he raped were children… Article states that specifically. I think it’s awful of you to place that blame on those children who already suffered more than enough… (i.e., “Shame on them” / “Could’ve saved lives”) They can’t be held accountable for the deaths of those women. Those poor children are victims of horrible [repeated] crimes, not criminals, and are in NO WAY responsible for the actions of this evil man. Geez…

  • Darlene

    I just wish that someday they would let the parents of the kids get a hold of this type of guy….With nothing said about it…..JUSTICE will be served then.

  • cj

    There are no words that can convey the outrage I feel that there is no death penalty for these evil demons that walk this earth.

  • Ryan

    The state of Ohio is soft. They need to enforce the death penalty other wise people basically get away with it still. Cause some people prefer to live life locked up then free. They give free room and board. Take u to er when I’ll. Do ur laundry its living the high life to some

  • SoSueMe

    FOX8 is soft also. Obviously they didn’t like my idea on what should be done to this POS. They deleted my post. WAAAAAA

  • Judy

    mr. matterman needs to walk a mile in the shoes of the mothers who lost their loved ones before posting a statement about judging people. Wake up you loser!!!!

    • Sarah

      YOU called the family members he raped (who were ALL children!) “Losers” and BLAMED them for the deaths of those women, when they’re just innocent victims of a horrific crime, themselves! You seem like deeply angry person ( to blame children who are victims AND attack somebody who leaves a very civil comment…calling everybody except the criminal a “loser”) Or perhaps I was just raised differently…? I’m praying for all of those families, first, and then for you, Angry Judy.

  • Ponno Tiki

    Another abuser living off my tax dollars, For a crime this severe life in prison when found guilty SHOULD NOT be an option . The only option this monster should be allowed is one question before he is put to death… Injection or Electric current

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