‘I’m a Cleveland Brown to the Core,’ Chud Says

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BEREA, Ohio — Former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski issued a statement the day after he was fired from the organization.

It read:

“I was shocked and disappointed to hear the news that I was fired. I am a Cleveland Brown to the core, and always will be. It was an honor to lead our players and coaches, and I appreciate their dedication and sacrifice. I was more excited than ever for this team, as I know we were building a great foundation for future success. While clearly I would have liked to see the long-term vision through to the end, I am very grateful to Jimmy Haslam and the Haslam family for letting me live my dream.”


Chudzinski was relieved of his duties Sunday night after a season ending loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Browns said the team took a “concerning step backward in the second half of the year” and that they “had to admit change was needed.”

Chudzinski served as head coach of the Browns for only one year.

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    • Deborah

      And yet it’s the same ol’same ol’. Same goes with the Indians and the Cav’s If Paul Brown was still alive, I would hate to hear what he’d say or do!!

  • Papo

    People wonder why the team did so bad when you have idiots in the front office this is the kind of thing that happens. The fans like myself should boycott the Browns to show them how much me like the decision of getting rid of the coach with out having a good quarter back running the team. They should start by getting rid of the front office if they want to get rid of anyone. Ex-
    Brown fan.

  • lisa

    You guys did not even give chud a chance to coach! We dont even have a steady qb!!! Big mistake firing him, just him being a browns fan alone makes him a better coach!! Bring him back dummies!!!

  • Denise L Bajorek Pitino

    One year for a new coach is not enough time, its the front office and the owners of the team, This is football not politics! These egotistical people think oh! I’ll buy the stadium and then change the name. What’s wrong with Cleveland you can still own it but you don’t have to change the name. Second keep changing the players, coaches and trainers and you have nothing to cry about but to yourselves. Pay the big money for some good players, keep the good coaches and lets get real. You people are making a laughing stock out of Cleveland. Let’s get some pride in this city. If it keeps up the way it’s going the whole state of Ohio will be a ghost town state, No one will want to live here. No jobs, no resourse’s for anything. Give the fans what they deserve. They are the back bone to this team. These owners are just taking advantage of the people. It is sad to see the coach get fired after just one year. Sorry for the Browns!!!!!!!!

  • Brian N Sue Reinhardt

    Would there be the same uproar if Miley Cyrus’ publicist got fired because of her recent antics?

    People need to get a GRIP and realize these people are here for our ENTERTAINMENT…nothing more.

    This guy is getting paid 9 MILLION dollars to leave…while thousands of American soldiers are seeking food and housing assistance.

    This guy “coached” a group of prim a-dona ENTERTAINERS that make millions upon of dollars a year.

    Where could that money really help Clevelanders?


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