FOX 8’s John Telich on Browns’ Future

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BEREA, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns' decision to fire head coach Rob Chudzinski was one even the city's sports gurus didn't anticipate.

Fox 8's John Telich said as recently as a week ago, local sports reporters and analysts joked that despite the team's record, the city wouldn't have to ride the coaching merry-go-round this year.

They were wrong.

Telich said the rumblings started Sunday morning that Chudzinski's short time with the Browns would end that day.

Hours after a loss to the Steelers, Chudzinksi was fired.

In a telephone report Monday morning, Telich offered his insight about the team's decision and what the future may hold for the Browns.

He said he expected the organization to move quickly to find Chudzinski's replacement, and tossed out a few prospective coaches.

"We've heard the name (Josh) McDaniels, we've heard Bill O'Brien," Telich said.

McDaniels, an offensive coordinator for New England, is a Canton McKinley High School alumnus who has worked with Browns GM Mike Lombardi and QB Brian Hoyer.

Telich also mentioned O'Brien's work with Penn State, crediting him for what he has made of the team in just two years.

"I think Haslam is just absolutely going to go full speed ahead and try to get (a coach) nailed down as soon as possible," Telich speculated.

In a news release, the Browns said "there's an urgency for success" and the team was "not positioned to achieve significant progress in 2014."

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Return to at 12:30 p.m. Monday to watch the Browns' news conference on Chudzinski's firing.

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  • blt

    It would be nice to live in a city where there is a winning team. I am from Milwaukee, WI and at lease the Green Bay Packers made it to the super bowl and have rings on their fingers. But since I live in Cleveland, OH, I will pray for the Browns, Cavs, and Indians to win. I still have confidence in these teams.

  • Deborah

    Well they used the coach as a scape goat and when the draft come’s up next May will that solve all the problems that this organization has been having from 1999? Not a chance. The season ticket holder will give an indication as well.

  • Rob Allen

    Ok Mr. Haslam, and I. Use the “mr.” Sarcasticly. What on Gods green earth would make ANY coach want to work for you after the way you boned Chud? Not to mention with your pending legal issues, you will more than likely have the team taken away from you after your indicted on fraud charges in the off season, further complicating the mess you have made. You sir are a tool.

  • Lost respect

    Brown’s owners will not be able to find a willing coach any longer. Chuds wasn’t given enough time to build a team, how could he with the amount of injuries that have occurred. Maybe they should get the old timers, Jim Brown, Kosar, Sipe, maybe even through in Bubba Baker. ect. to find us a worthy coach. After all, they did play when coaches stuck around long enough to get and give respect to each other. The decisions this franchise has made the last 6 years is an embarrassment to Cleveland!! Pick someone, give them a chance to build a team, and watch them win. Or do you plan to move the Brown’s again.

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