Some Browns Players Feel ‘Deja Vu’ Over Chud’s Firing

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BEREA, Ohio– Here we go again: The Browns are searching for another head coach after firing head coach Rob Chudzinski on Sunday night following the team’s 4-12 record.

Chudzinski said in a press release from the team that he was shocked and disappointed to hear that he was fired. He was not alone.

“Shocking, I mean it was very shocking to him as it was to us. We had no idea just like he didn’t,” said Browns specialist MarQueis Gray.

Chudzinski becomes the fourth head coach fired by the Browns in the last six years.

For a lot of these players who have been around for awhile, it’s getting old. “It feels like it’s deja vu. It just actually happened last year. Coming out of college, this is just my third year. I’ve always had my coach consistently through my career,” said Browns linebacker Jabaal Sheard.

The Browns had just one win in the final 10 games of the season.

The players know it wasn’t enough to keep their head coach. “It is a production-based league. It is a Janet Jackson world, you know. What have you done for me lately? But at the end of the day, it’s the powers that be; it’s their decision,” offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao said.

Many will argue that Chudzinski got a raw deal. He was shuffling quarterbacks like a deck of cards, lost numerous players to injury for the season and didn’t have a big draft class to build upon.

“It wasn’t a real good situation for him to fall into because he didn’t know; we didn’t know,” said wide receiver Josh Gordon. “I can’t say what is fair and what isn’t fair. This is the NFL. It’s the business of the league but I would have thought he would have had more time than that.”

Browns players are now hoping for the same thing Browns fans thought they were getting with Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner: stability.

“It’s a business. They say they want stability and hopefully we get that in the next few years,” said wide receiver Josh Cooper.

According to Cooper, the players were informed of Rob Chudzinski’s status on the bus ride home following Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh.

When the Browns announce their next head coach, it will be the fifth head coach for Joe Thomas who was drafted by the Browns in 2007.

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  • george valachi

    So, isn’t it time to draw a line in the sand and say give us another terrible year and we won’t support you?

    It’s easy to see why this city will never have a winning team with a base of fans that will still fill the seats when a team is the worst of the bunch. Sad really, and history just keeps repeating.

    Want a winning team? Next year, when the team is just as bad don’t support them. Plain and simple, that will send a message to the owner. After 14 years it’s time.

  • Rick Adams

    My heavenly Father i call today

    I did not listen that day to what you had to say
    If it wasn’t for you i would not be here as today

    To you who could give me all
    I had to turn to you and make the call

    I did not need to come to you to listen
    Alone I was self sufficient

    I had it all, so I thought
    I did not want to be put on the spot

    I did not think that I had sinned
    For truly I was good from within

    I went along in my pride
    Until one day I lost my stride

    I began to fall apart it was
    Deep within my heart

    so I began to really grieve
    For truly I had been deceived

    The path I chose was wrong
    And I could not rejoice in the things I had done

    The treasures I had sought
    Were the ones that i had forgot

    There was no joy, no hope just shame
    that’s why i sit here
    and call out your name.

    Today I know the truth
    That truth has set me free

    that’s why i sit here today
    so i call out your name

    We ask you please give us the chosen one
    bring back “Lebron James” so he can lead us “THE BROWN’S” to a Victory as head coach and super bowl champs.

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