Volunteers Scramble to Fix Turfed Fields

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NEW FRANKLIN, OH — Volunteers are scrambling to fix some baseball and football fields after they say someone went on a joy ride and destroyed the property.

The Lockhart Field in New Franklin is owned by the school district, but volunteers maintain it.

On Friday morning, a neighbor noticed someone had turfed the field, which plays host to youth sports.

Kids aren’t able to play on the fields because of safety reasons and now, volunteers are scrambling to fix the property before the summer season.

“Not that any time would be good, but it’s not like it’s June and you’ve got a couple of months of summertime to get in here and do something,” said Mike Stafford, Director of Services for Manchester Schools. “Right now, we’re in an impasse. The weather is holding us hostage and we’re going to be scrambling to make alternative arrangements for the upcoming season and what we can do to fix the fields. So we’ll be busy.”

Stafford says if they can’t get the fields fixed, they have have to share facilities with the school system.


  • Sharon Ulman

    These people act like the games will be played next week. You don’t use them until summertime according to the news story. Take a deep breath-Geesh

  • J Luckenbaugh

    Yes, the baseball and softball games do not start till late spring but it’s Ohio and they must wail till the weather breaks to fix the damage. The person that did this did not just turf a section of the fields they damaged all 4 baseball and the football field. The repairs will take time and money which does not come from the school. This facility is maintained by the Youth League Boosters and volunteers. How would you feel if someone turfed your front yard. I don’t think you would say “take a deep breath.”

  • Panther Parent

    It doesn’t matter when the games will be played. This was a childish, selfish, disrespectful act. Obviously the initial comment isn’t from someone wwho has children in our Youth League or they wouldn’t have made the comment they made. I hope they find who did this and as always, our community will pull together and get the fields ready for the Spring sports. Go Panthers!! Thanks to Fox 8 News for the coverage.

  • Another Panther Parent

    To the first comment, it boils down to the kids and how it relates to them. Do you not realize the groud is frozen? Do you want to help make repairs? The kids are what matters here, not when the sports season starts back up…J is right, early spring is when they will be out in force getting ready for the season to start. And guess what? Even before then, all the parents and many from the community will be there to help get it ready, because it’s the kids WE care about. Making sure they have to best we can provide to THEM. It is unfortunate to have people mess with the excitement the kids feel when they know spring sports are around the corner.

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