UPS Clears Holiday Backlog

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(Courtesy: Emmanuel Tambakakis/CNN)

(CNN) — UPS on Friday finished delivering its backlog of holiday packages, company spokeswoman Natalie Godwin told CNN.

The company earlier this week said that the volume of packages in its system exceeded its capacity, causing delays.

The delays meant that some packages were not delivered before Christmas, despite promises by some retailers.

UPS did not provide numbers, but the spokeswoman said the backlog was cleared Friday.

“Yes, the holiday packages have been delivered,” Godwin said.

The company considered Christmas Day deliveries as an emergency measure, but “after much thought and consideration” decided not to ask drivers to work on the holiday.

The delays angered many customers, who took to social media to vent their frustrations.

The company said that previous severe weather in the Dallas area had already created a backlog, and the holiday volume proved too much.

FedEx was late with some deliveries as well, but called them “isolated incidents.”

On Saturday, FedEx reported that “any isolated issues are resolved.”

The U.S. Postal Service did not comment on whether it experienced any similar delays.

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  • brooke

    Fed ex has not resolved my issue and still can’t tell me where my packages are exactly !! They said they were in Charlotte banded to go out in 2 days I still don’t have any of my packages which shipped from dif companies ! So they are still sitting somewhere in Charlotte where they have been for 12 days not moving !! And fed ex has done nothing !!

  • Tommy

    my December 23rd UPS delivery was pushed back to January 3rd.. Tracking shows it’s spent 3 days at each stop along the way. No matter who’s to blame, they’ve lost my future business.

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