OSHP: ‘Following Too Close’ Cause of I-90 Crash

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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio – The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a crash that shut down I-90 eastbound at S.R. 44 and Vrooman Road and I-90 at S.R. 615 for several hours Friday night.

OSHP has cited ‘following too close’ as the cause of the crash.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said two tractor-trailers and multiple cars were involved in the crashes. One accident involved three tractor-trailers and two vehicles. The second accident involved a tractor-trailer that jackknifed.

The accident happened at 8:05 p.m. Friday and I-90 was closed until after 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

Officials said one person was transported to Cleveland Metro with non-life threatening injuries. Two others suffered minor injuries.

The scene of the crash was in the area where dozens of cars were damaged in a serious pileup on Christmas Eve.


  • strikker

    Stay off my rear or you gonna get it,..i dont have insurance, so imma beat the hell outta anyone that runs into me, better hope i die before i step out of my vehicle

    • Mark

      And if you hit my car or a family member of mine you better hope the highway patrol gets there to save you before I get my “insurance amount” due from you. Odds are, that since you are so cheap to get insurance (but probably have a smartphone complete w/unlimited data), you probably don’t have assets to cover the damage to my vehicle.

      Just like not tailgating, it’s the law. Follow it. Or park. You’re wrong to be driving.

  • JP

    Love that there is no responsibility placed on the state for allowing those barricades to remain up during the winter season. Absolutely ridiculous! Hard to drive with a semi 4 inches from my car.

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