‘Plus Size Barbie’ Drawing Sparks Conversation

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The Barbie doll has long been at the center of a body image debate, and now a mock-up of a heavier counterpart is sparking conversation.

The so-called “plus size Barbie” is notably bigger with thicker thighs and mid-section plus a double chin.

According to the Huffington Post, the picture of the doll was posted on Plus Size Modeling’s Facebook page and was originally from an illustration contest on Worth1000.com.

What is your reaction to the “plus size Barbie”?


  • Heather

    I think they should because not everyone is the same size. I think the double chin is a little over board but absolutely.

  • Angela T

    I think it’s a great idea. Kids shouldn’t be taught that there is only one image of what women are “supposed” to look like. I personally think that there should be a barbie in every race, color, size, and sexual orientation. Why single it out to just one? This has been the most popular barbie for a long time and little girls have always wanted to look just like her and be her. It’s time to broaden that.

    • Angela T

      You don’t have to be unhealthy just because you’re heavier. You can be extremely healthy and “fat”, heavier.

      • SoSueMe

        Not really. Being “heavier” increases your blood pressure. Doesn’t help your cholesterol. You’re at a higher risk for diabetes, certain cancers, etc. I could go on with the list, but you get the point.

  • Tracie Jeffery

    I am a bigger women and I think the barbie is great not everyone can be skinny. If god wanted us all to be the same size then that is how he would have made us.

  • Christi Schimmels

    Children aren’t looking at Barbie and comparing their bodies to hers… It is society and celebrities that cause our children pressure about weight.

  • Liz

    Why does everyone want our kids these days to deal with reality so fast let them play in there little fantasy world of imagination as long as possible stop trying to make them grow up so fast. My daughter has barbies and sees nothing wrong with plus size women. Next there gonna make cross dressing barbies bc now a days that’s realistic! It’s not needed at all! That’s why there’s cars that transform a fairy princesses and animals that talk bc there toys for children. It’s our job to deal with reality not there’s!!

  • Informed

    The argument that the plus size Barbie will make children unhealthy is, frankly, a stupid thing to say. All you can see here is her body. You can’t see her excersice habits and her diet, so there is no way you can comment on her health. Her shape is realistic to what Americans look like since there is such a variety of body types that are healthy. When you reject the fat Barbie, you teach our young girls that fat is to be avoided at all costs to be pretty, even if they are healthy. Not all girls want to “look like Barbie” but when we hold this small woman as the only epitome of beauty and goodness when they are young, this idea of reaching perfection to be worthwhile is hard to shake, especially when the idea is reinforced in our media and in our homes. P.S. Going back to the health argument, you are aware that “regular Barbie” already has fast food outfits and play sets, a bathroom scale set at only 110 lbs., and a diet book that only says “Don’t eat!”. Yeah, that’s healthier than a Barbie with a triple chin, right?

    • Mallory Motal

      How can you say that we don’t know her eating habits or lifestyle when seeing her obviously overweight body? That is exactly what that means. Someone with a double chin undoubtedly has some bad habits. I don’t think ignoring the problem of our currently overweight country, or trying to say it okay is helpful at all. We should encourage a HEALTHY body image and help one another to be the best we can be, and this overweight doll is not the answer to helping girls with body image. Yes we all have different shapes and sizes, and Barbie should have several types to accommodate many body types… but not an unhealthy one.

  • Deborah Everly

    The plus size Barbie is good. I think they should dress ALL dolls NO matter the size more modest. Why is it that leaving NOTHING to the imagination is what retailers think sells most. NOT everyone wants to share their body with the rest of the world.

  • Jonelle Richardson

    In my opinion Big can also be beautiful too! I mean I like this I wasnt always thin as a child and hoped one day to look like the barbies I owned. I think it’s letting girls know to be okay with yourself and not be so nervous on how you look

    • Jennie

      I also agree that children should have choices, individuals come in all shapes and size. I also think that because and individual is curvey does not mean that individual is OBESE. I was once curvey and I was not OBESE. It is time dolls are made in different sizes, shapes and cultures. Barbie can be curvey without the double chin, again some curvey individuals does not have DOUBLE CHINS!!! SHAME on the toy manufacture. I think the purpose of the double chin is to discurage individuals from buying this doll.

    • Jennie

      Jessica, this is not promoting obesity, it is up to all individuals to get on the health kick and stay on it. Obesity is for real and will always be so why show children skinny all the time. Showing children that individuals come in all sizes helps children to choose as they get to a certain age why they should eat healthy. ( Remember some individuals can eat healthy and still be curvey) it is all on the genes BOOBOO!!!!

  • Erika

    To the people saying no to the plus size Barbie because it’s promoting an unhealthy life style, what do you think the originally Barbie is doing to little girls as well. I am a full figured woman. I am not obese and it am not anorexic. I played with barbies and I never felt I had to be thin like Barbie. It was the kids I went to school with and the things people said that made me want to be Barbie thin when I was younger. But one I grew up and became an adult I realized I needed to be happy with the body I was given. It has nothing to do with the way a doll looks. We need to stop obsessing over the size of Barbie issue and focus on what we as parents are teaching our children. Barbie is just a doll and that’s it. It’s us as parents that teAch and guide our children to either healthy or unhealthy lifestyles.

    • Jennie

      Erika, I do agree with you as a child I never a saw Barbie as skinny I saw her as a doll, I was a healthy child but I was not OBESE and parents should stop obsessing over a doll or the size of the doll. There is so much more parents can instill in there children.

  • Sheila

    It’s both a good idea but yet bad. When I was a kid I had an obese Grandma and kids and other adults would point and say disgusting things. Some people have thyroid issues and don’t want to be fat but have no choice! They want to feel pretty like the world thinks rail thin people are. The doll will show that obese people are normal too but then will also make children think it’s ok to get bigger and bigger! It’s helps what they call “lookism” issues and the creates bad health ideas that being obese is fine. it’s just a vicious circle! I say yes to the doll but talk with your children about it.

  • debbie

    I wonder who fat barbie*s baby mama is boo boo. I am a proud buikt full figured black wonan and where is the black barbie we dont need a baby daddy my baby daddy keft me with 4 hungry children. I b supportu g them

  • Justine vision

    “Plus size Barbie” is absolutely silly. In no way should we ever glamorize obesity. This image is shameful.

    • tanisha

      Well said debbie. We should come up with a black man barbie. He be a ba baby daddy with gold chains a pimpin caddy and lots of cash and tatoos and baby mamas. Me man would be oerfect.

  • John Liggett

    How about a regular or “normal” size Barbie? Neither of these is though unfortunately with the fattening of America the new norm seems to be fat. Heck we even have sit-coms featuring morbidly obese stars.

  • Kelly

    I agree with many of the comments above. I don’t believe I developed an unhealthy body image from the origi’nal Barbie, but since it’s been noted that her measurements wouldn’t be realistic, I see no harm in a fuller figured doll.

    But this prototype goes too far in the other direction. It is possible someone has a medical condition that affects their weight (Cushing’s, thyroid problems, hormone/metabolic syndromes such as PCOS, etc), but this look should not be considered normal and OK.

  • Mallory Motal

    …what the hell?
    Does anyone else notice the huge difference between original Barbie and the proposed overweight one?
    If positive body image is what they wish to promote, then promote a HEALTHY Barbie. Not an unachievable size, nor a larger than healthy size!
    Why did they go straight from one extreme to the other, this is absolutely ridiculous. Make Barbie more proportionate and larger than her original size if you are worries about girls body issues and the influence of this plastic doll, but do not try to pass off this overweight doll as a positive thing because saying unhealthy is okay is wrong on both extreme ends of the scale.

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