I-90 Reopened After Multi-Vehicle Crashes

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LAKE COUNTY, OH — Interstate 90 was reopened around 2 a.m., Saturday, after multi-vehicle crashes.

I-90 eastbound at S.R. 44 and Vrooman Road and I-90 at S.R. 615 were shut down for several hours after two accidents, Friday night.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says two tractor-trailers and multiple cars were involved in the crashes. One accident involved three tractor-trailers and two vehicles. The second accident involved a tractor-trailer that jackknifed.

Officials say some people were transported with serious injuries, but they are not considered life-threatening.

The scene of the crash was in the area where dozens of cars were damaged in a serious pileup on Christmas Eve.

This is a developing story. Stay with Fox 8 News and Fox8.com for updates.


  • missy

    We all know why this happened again…de-structuring! They should have been off the road since 1st of December. This time they can’t use there “cause of bad weather”.

  • Jimmy

    There needs to be accountability ! ODOT and the Contractors need to be held responsible! There needs to be job completion dates and standards set. For example: completion of projects and construction zones off the road by November 30th! All we here is bad weather and speed is the cause! Where are the people who are in charge of the projects? Do you travel these zones such as I do and many other people do on a daily basis! Wake up tax payers it’s not the weather or the speed!

  • Chuck Ritley

    Hopefully nobody was seriously injured. Ive been sitting here for over an hour. Thanks for informing us. Ohio construction is a joke.

  • John Schmitt

    Maybe if OSP would start patrolling I-90 instead of pulling people over on side streets for turn signals. Dont get me wrong I understand there doing there jobs but sheesh put efforts where its truly needed. It might just change things some. You NEVER see OSP on I-90 but on side roads all the time. I drive to Austinburg to work every day idiot drivers and no control makes for a bad commute.

  • Nan

    Absolutely ridiculous! I-90 E had been closed down so many times in the past month between Rt 615 and Vrooman due to accidents. GET IT RIGHT ODOT!

  • steph

    ok, this is getting ridiculous! I hope no ones injured! Allega and ODOT need to get this job wrapped up! Someones going to end up getting killed!

  • Carla M

    I’ve been sitting here for almost 2 hrs. They need to be updating us on the status of this effort. I have a 3 yr old in the car and thank God she is sleep but I have to keep turning the car off to conserve her gas and it is cold. Why won’t seine have regular updates for the people sitting here

  • Jerry Privitera

    Where is the investigation, hopefully by Fox 8 I-Team, regarding this construction project lasting so far past the construction season? ODOT management along with the construction company needs to be held accountable for this ridiculous time over-run. There is no excuse for these barriers and this construction zone to still be up! Is North East Ohio winter weather a surprise to ODOT and the construction company, Allega??? True, weather and speed contribute to these accidents, but this particular construction zone limits driver maneuverability at the time of year when extra space is needed. I drive this stretch of 90 from Geneva to Mentor daily and this construction should have been completed well before the end of the construction season.

  • Devo dan

    As a former Allega employee I can say that the three brothers laugh at this …. They couldn’t care less about safety !!!!

  • Iron Eagle

    The speed limit posted in this zone is 50mph….do you see any obeying it? I don’t. SLOW DOWN and you’ll be fine. Hey ODOT and Highway Patrol…. Put up some speed cameras and start ticketing speeders… You’d make a fortune off this stretch of road. Just wondering how fast the four-wheelers were going and which one cut the semi off. Go figure. Hope everyone is okay though.

  • Shelly

    This is getting ridiculous! Every day is a challenge getting home. Get the job done! Should have been done before the first snowflake fell! Plan better ODOT

  • Guido

    As I travel through the united states, man y construction zones are still up. Accidents happen in every one of them. People can blame all they want of the contractors. But the bottom line is, if the people would just obey the posted speed limit, everything would be just fine. But everyone thinks a construction zone is a Painesville speedway. It really does not take any longer to get through a construction zone than normal travel.

  • Chris Wesley

    I still don’t understand why ODOT is to blame because of bad drivers. people blame if theres no construction done and people complain when there is construction. ODOT workers work holidays and all through the year, stop trying to tear apart some group just because of stupid aggressive drivers that can’t slow down when there is narrow roads and construction.

  • Nicole

    ODOT or speed, either way the construction zone is poorly laid out and poorly illuminated. Regardless of weather or who’s at fault these factors need to be addressed before more accidents are caused. It is dangerous. Blame the speed, blame the construction, neither will fix the 2 accidents this week. Better illumination would surely help the majority of the construction, patroling for speed, and ensuring proper signs and time to manuever would be great!

  • Trucker Tom

    There has been construction all year. Only RECENTLY has there been a SERIES of serious accidents. Have you all traveled this section of road since the lane changes were put in place? If not, maybe you need to do so and you might understand why everyone is upset with ODOT. It was sunny and “warm” here today so this is not foul-weather related.

    All these accidents and all in the same 3-mile stretch. Yet some of you can’t see where the construction is an issue???

  • Trucker Tom

    More than two accidents this week. There was the huge Christmas Eve accident (actually multiple accidents), one this morning and two tonight (there are two separate accidents tonight about 1-2 miles apart).

    that’s FOUR accidents – and this is not even breaking down the separate Christmas Eve accidents b/c they were actually tied to one event.

  • Antonio T De Angelis III

    I swear that road construction have been in the same or near the same places for the past 7 years. I have honestly thought about taking a monthly picture of the lack of progress that happens of the road construction on route 90 in Lake and Ashtabula County.

  • Daniel smallwood

    I have noticed mud on the road in this area from all the wrecks I was just one minute behind last night accident . The local fire department did great job helping to get us turned around and going west on the east bound lanes to Voorman rd thank you

  • Sarag

    Those walls are supposed to be removed by NOVEMBER 1st. These accidents wouldn’t keep happening if they were gone. Almost one accident a day now for a week in the SAME EXACT SPOT!

  • Mike

    Went through the same area earlier that morning. There is no berm on right side. Just very muddy ground with drop offs at edge of pavement. Very dangerous conditions for any vehicle.

  • Jessica Brake

    We were headed to Cleveland last night and around mile marker 203 in west bound lane … 2 barriers were sticking out about 3 ft out into the driving lane! I said to my husband “it’s gonna happen again” ! Sure enough… Look at the outcome!! Danger people get it together!!!

  • jeremy

    Why is everyone blaming odot? Gimme a break! Roads get fixed and it’s not over night.. There’s a 55 mph sign in all construction.. looks like bad operators to me.. quit blaming odot! Take some responsibility for your own actions for once.

  • Rick

    Why is it always some elses fault. Common sense – slow down, you are in a construction zone, regardless of when the barriers should have been removed.

  • Barbara Burton

    I have driven this stretch of I90 to the PA border for 20 plus years. This past summer was construction the whole way, but “common sense” in ohio is taking down the construction for winter as was done in Ashtabula county and every previous year. The construction between rte 44 and vrooman CERTAINLY is the contributing factor. Interesting that the news reports only mention weather or bad drivers. What happened to the 2 seasons in Ohio? “Winter and construction(summer).” There have been constant accidents in this area the past month. Winter travel is difficult enough without the extra bonus of narrow lanes , cross-overs and cement walls!

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