Suspect in 9-Year-Old’s Murder Arraigned

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WOOSTER, Ohio -- The man accused of killing a 9-year-old Wayne County girl was arraigned on new charges Thursday.

Jerrod Metsker, 24, of Smithville, was charged with two counts of aggravated murder, three counts of kidnapping and two counts of rape, all with specifications, in the death of Reann Murphy.

He pleaded not guilty and his bond was continued at $1 million.

Murphy, also of Smithville, was found in a dumpster on Dec. 15 on the property of her mobile home community.  Metsker was arrested later that day.

The Wayne County coroner determined Murphy died of strangulation.

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  • Michelle

    Do you really need to hear why? Sometimes they never tell you why. She is gone, and as the details keep coming out this has to be breaking her family’s heart more and more.

    • j

      I think people want to to know why because it just doesn’t make sense when these things happen and its hard to wrap your head around anyone hurting a child. As hard as it is to understand motivations of sick people, the community still wants to try to make sense of it. Though to me…the fact that he has r*pe charges speaks volumes on what his motivations might have been. That poor little girl and family.

  • shannon

    i know reanne and the fathers side of the family, it is heartbreaking to see them go through this. i cant even put it into words how hard this has been for them. it truely is heartbreaking. Also i know people that lived in that trailor park who had seen jerod drive his mothers car around the trailer park numerous times. i understand he is autistic but hes not to autistic to know how to drive and what not. they say he has the mind of a child and im sure thats true but any grown man has testosterone and has urges to conduct into sexual activity. he has a mental disibility but he knew what he was doing. if you listen to the 911 call its sickening how concerned he pretended to be, he searched for her along with reannes dad, mom and step father. how could he stand by them after knowing what he had just done to that poor little girl? i really hope that the people in the courts system can see that his mental illness is not so bad to the point that he committed this crime and could not stop himself. they need to see that he knows right from wrong. he knew that after he did what he did that he had to cover his tracks which he did poorly but he still knew that it had to be hidden and he knew to lie to everyone and act concerned for her during the search. He needs to be punished for his actions. On another note Heaven gained a beautiful new angel. reanne im so sorry this happened to you i wish someone could have been there to help you, its crazy how this situation has impacted the community so much

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