Hospitals to Become Part of UH on New Year’s Day

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CLEVELAND — Parma Community General Hospital and EMH Healthcare will become part of University Hospitals on New Year’s Day.

Both hospitals announced last summer that they were exploring partnerships with UH. At the time, the organizations anticipated closure by the end of 2013.

As part of the integration, both hospitals will undergo name changes: University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center and University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

UH Parma employs 2,000 Northeast Ohioans and has more than 500 physicians on its staff in its six founding cities of Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Seven Hills and North Royalton.

UH Elyria has over 2,100 employees and has campuses in Elyria, Amherst, Avon, Sheffield and North Ridgeville.

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  • Edward Nedwons

    Get ready for sub-standard healthcare. UH puts on a good pony show for the inspectors to gain certifications, but in reality, they have high infection rates and mortality rates. The only way they get by is high volume, because a few hundred malpractice deaths look minor among ten of thousands of cases.
    The clinic is no better, Mercy is the last hospitable healthcare system left in Northeast Ohio.

  • Autumn Staley

    I’d be curious to know where you are getting your facts / statistics from. I’ve been treated at both UH and the Clinic as have several family members. I have also researched what is required to receive the various accoldades, certifications and recognitions each have received.

    Or are you just biasted againt them and want peole to think Mercy is better for no particular reason?

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