Workers Keep City Moving on Christmas

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CLEVELAND, Ohio - If you made it to grandma's house in time for Christmas dinner on Wednesday, thank an ODOT crew.

While there was not an abundant amount of snow falling, crews were busy in Lake, Geagua, and Cuyahoga County.

If you were hoping for a white Christmas, you weren't alone.

"If it's snowing it's a good thing for me, bad thing for the other person," said ODOT worker, Gary Williams.

It may be December 25th on the calendar, but for ODOT crews, it was just a typical Wednesday.

"It's what I chose to do. I don't mind doing this. It's okay, summertime I'd rather have a day off, but we don't get that," Williams said.

ODOT had snow and ice crews out in full force in Lake, Geauga, and Cuyahoga County.  Dedicated workers giving up their families for yours.

"It is beautiful, it's a peaceful time. It's exciting for us as long as the public and everyone is happy. That is what Christmas is about," said ODOT worker Christy Light.

ODOT crews weren't the only ones busy working on Christmas day.  The City of Cleveland Water Department was busy near West 98th and Lorain Ave. trying to replace a water main break that sent water pouring onto Interstate 90, blocking one lane of traffic.

"We really forget that there are people out there doing things that keep us working. People at the water department, even people who may be on emergency calls for gas, other human services that we may need for this holiday. Just take time and be thankful for all those who are doing their job," said Reggie Thomas of Cleveland.

Not only are these thankless jobs a burden on those who have to work, it's a burden on their families, who understand how important their loved ones jobs truly are.

"He understands, and we do with what we can with the time that we have so it's all about making everybody else dreams and wishes come true," Light said.

A nice holiday gesture by the Cleveland water department who actually held off turning off the water at the break, so that families could enjoy their Christmas dinners.