Woman Charged After Calling 911 56 Times

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Credit: Lorain County Sheriff

LORAIN, Ohio – A Lorain woman faces charges of disrupting public service, and disturbing the police, after police said she called 911 more than 50 times so far this year.

Police reports show Yasmin Orourke rarely cited a reason for her calls, and out of the 56 times she has called in 2013, only a few calls actually resulted in a police report.

Police said Orourke would call 911 to make a complaint that would require crews to respond, and then change her complaint to something else, such as being taken to a specific location when crews arrived.

On Saturday, Lorain police decided to press charges against Orourke after she called 911 for an incident that never happened. When police placed her under arrest she became defensive claiming she didn’t do anything wrong, according to police reports.

She was booked into the Lorian County Jail.

In the month of December alone, 25 police cars, at least 2 fire trucks, and multiple ambulances responded to Orourke’s home with only one police report ever being made.

Lorain police said they warned Orourke several times about her abuse of the 911 system, and urged her to only use it for emergency situations.


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