Police: Thieves Steal $4,000 of Electronics from Target

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BAINBRIDGE, Ohio – The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office is looking for three people accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics from Target.

On December 19th, three people arrived at the store in Bainbridge driving a silver 4-door sedan. Two of the people inside of the car walked into the Target and made their way to the electronics department, according to the Bainbridge Police Department.

20 minutes later, the driver of the car, who was in a wheelchair, also went inside the store and went to the electronics department.

One of the men who first entered the store then used a screw driver to pry open the iPod Touch display and removed $4,000 worth of electronics, according to police. While prying open the case the person in the wheelchair stood watch.

All three people then left the store separately.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Bodovetz at Bainbridge Police Department at 440-543-8252.


  • Edward Nedwons

    Should not be hard to track the devices, since they have a serial number. So the police need to have Apple track the device when it is activated.
    Sounds like somebody forgot to put on their thinking cap at the police station. Maybe it was the dunce cap they always wear making it hard to put on the thinking cap.

  • Nick Miller

    Would be kind of hard to track the serial number when you don’t actually know what it is… I doubt target keeps a mass inventory of serial numbers. I’m pretty sure they use SKU’s to keep imventory, which are retailer specific & don’t have any connection to the serial number given by apple.

    • Edward Nedwons

      Let me put this together for you, since you seem to need help there officer…

      First you get a list of all the serial numbers that were shipped to the store.
      Then you subtract the ones that were activated before the date of the robbery.
      Then you look for a cluster where they are activated, most likely by a similar IP address, say 3 iPods on that list go online from the same IP/location.

      You are very unaware of all the tracking that is done apparently, but it is done. You may not know because they do not want common people to freak out and think big brother is watching, but we are.

  • Nick Miller

    I’m far from an officer. But these will most likely be sold on ebay for a profit I’m assuming, therefore will all be activated from different locations. & based off the recent credit hack tht target has undergone, I’m really doubting the affectivness of their tracking abilities. lol

    • Edward Nedwons

      Two things, even off of ebay, it it traceable. People tend not to connect the dots, with so much data it is hard to find what is relevant.
      Target’s tracking ability actually had nothing to do with the hack, the hack was in the software of the terminals, I would be more leery of the QA process for their stores systems, and who monitors the traffic from the stores (internet traffic) The devices had to call home, what is home, where is home, who owns home…questions the secret service is trying answer as we type.
      Tracking inventory is very critical to a big box store, because items in the back rooms do not sell, they take up space, and space costs money. Having accurate inventory control systems is critical to any large company.

      • Ryan Miller

        Target knows what the serial numbers are and will report it to Apple. Apple will inactivate those numbers and possible if linked thru the internet like iPads and iPhones turn them into bricks. I don’ know if iPods have that capability though, but iPads and iPhones do.

  • Jujubean

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  • too much crime

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  • John Smith

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  • John Smith

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    • Calvin Sparks

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    • John Smith

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      • Calvin Sparks

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  • doggercise

    people are having to drive further away from their own neighborhoods to find stuff to steal. in their own neighborhoods, most of the good stuff has already been stolen.

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