Maltz Museum Celebrates Holiday with Movie Day

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BEACHWOOD, OH — Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so employees and volunteers at the Maltz Museum of Jewish History in Beachwood created an event on Wednesday for anyone who wasn’t celebrating.

Jill Rembrandt says that eating Chinese food and watching movies is an unofficial tradition for Jewish people on Christmas Day, since restaurants usually close for the holiday.

So, the museum started an event where Chinese food is served and movies are played all day long.

The event has grown bigger and bigger every year.

“We ordered an entire Kosher meal. We had about 60 people who registered last year and about 75 or 80 that registered this year. So obviously, people like it and it’s caught on,” said Rembrandt, Director of Education at the Maltz Museum.

Rembrandt said there are also a number of people who are not Jewish who come to the event. She says people are looking for something to do on the holiday when everything else is closed.