‘A Christmas Story’ House Sees Holiday Visitors

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CLEVELAND -- It's one of the most famous houses in Cleveland, especially on Christmas Day.

While the doors were closed Wednesday, that didn't matter to a group of people who love the classic holiday movie.

"What better day than Christmas to see the 'Christmas Story' house? And we decided to take a ride and see it before we eat our Christmas dinner."

The Sottosanti family weren't the only ones who decided to take a trip to Tremont to check out the 'A Christmas Story' house. Unfortunately for the visitors, the house, museum and gift shop were closed Christmas Day.

That didn't stop people from stopping by and taking pictures; one by one, cars came down West 11th Street to see Cleveland's iconic Christmas house.

"I mean, it's Cleveland and we love this kind of stuff. It's that time of the year, we just got done watching all the Christmas movies and it's part of everyone's heart here in Cleveland," said Matthew Piteo, of Parma.

"We always come to the 'Christmas Story' house, even if it's just for pictures," said Lisa Hope, of Eastlake.

"I like it. Makes me wanna move out of Garfield and buy the house next door and rebuild it," said Bruce Templeman, of Garfield Heights.

Families said while watching the 'A Christmas Story' marathon on Wednesday, they decided to get out of their house and come check out the landmark.

"We love the movie, so we wanted to come see the house. We are here visiting in Willowick, so we stopped by and I will not let him get a leg lamp. So he had to come see it in the window, that's right," said Harry Burkett and Felice Kaufmann from Illinois.

The 'A Christmas Story' house, museum and gift shop are scheduled to be back open Thursday if you feel like passing by.

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