Neighbor in House Explosion Heard Loud Roar, Went Airborne

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ELYRIA, Ohio--  Investigators continue to search for the cause of Friday’s house explosion in Elyria, that could be felt and heard for miles.

One of the possible causes that authorities are looking into, is a natural gas leak in the vacant home on Columbia Avenue.

The blast also pulverized the home next door, where 56-year-old Christine Mickolick was watching television. Mickolick told FOX 8, "I was in the chair and when the explosion happened, there was just that loud roar and I became airborne with the chair, and was thrown about 20 feet across the living room."

Mickolick said the explosion next door was so powerful that it blew out the walls of her home, but somehow Mickolick and her son, who was upstairs at the time, walked away with minor injuries.

"If anything happened to my son, that would be devastating to have to run up the stairs to find him, so the fact that his entire wall was blown out; so as he tried to scramble to his feet, all he saw were the flames, which were higher than our house, and so that side of the house was just a wall of flames," she said.

Neighbors said the house was for sale and had been vacant since August.

Some residents on Columbia Avenue said they smelled the odor of natural gas on Friday. However, Columbia Gas said the only complaint call on Friday came from Stanford Avenue, which is the next street over from Columbia.

Columbia Spokesman Ray Frank said a technician checked the area and did not detect any leaks.

Christine Mickolick and her son lost almost all of their possessions in the explosion and demolition of their home, but Christine says they still have much to be grateful for.

"We're the luckiest two people on the planet. The fire marshal had said that from the front view, the house doesn't look that bad, but it's the inside that he's never seen that much devastation and have anyone walk away from it. As long as my son and I have come through it, we're fine. It's all stuff and it's nothing that can't be replaced."

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  • Steve

    the technician checked the area and did not detect any leaks… fact? quick check? negligence in the check? Kudo’s to the person who called it in on the next street (gas doesn’t discriminate. It goes with the wind)

    reminds me of the cops who checked the area after sandy for some downed power lines that were called in. Didn’t find any.

    A young girl did, losing her life to them.

    Folks, if you smell natural gas (actually you don’t. You smell the additive), call the gas company. Pray they find it, unlike the (probable) miss here.

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