Family of Woman ‘Fighting For Life’ Makes Plea to Driver

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An accident leads to road rage, then police say one of the drivers assaulted the other one, ran over her and drove off.

Gwendolyn Young, 27, is listed in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Her family is pleading for the driver to come forward.

"I want anybody who seen anything to please call Bratenahl police because my sister is fighting for her life; please help our family," said Young’s sister, Tenisha Caldwell.

"If you know any information find it in your heart to do the right thing; that's all we are asking," said sister, Lachelle Edwards.

The family gathered at MetroHealth Medical Center to pray for a woman family and friends call "Pinky."

"A minor fender bender escalates into something this tragic," said Bratenahl Lieutenant Charles Lobello.

Bratenahl police said just before 7:00, Sunday night, Gwendolyn's vehicle was hit by a white or silver Chevy Silverado pickup as she exited I-90 westbound at Eddy Road.  Gwen's mother was with her when the accident happened.

"Both of the drivers stopped and they both got out of the vehicle. They had a verbal altercation at which point the male driver, who is our suspect, got back into his vehicle to drive away," said Lobello.

Investigators said Gwendolyn either got tangled or held onto the truck and was dragged a few hundred feet to the I-90 eastbound ramp from Eddy Road.

"He stopped his truck again, got out, physically assaulted her, punching her about the face a couple times. After she fell post assault, he got back in his vehicle, drove away. In the process of driving away, he, in fact, drove over her," Lobello added.

"She's a fighter. She's very loving, very kind, you know. She loves sports. She's going to college to become a doctor, a physical therapist," said Edwards.

Gwendolyn's family is hoping she recovers and gets justice.

"If anybody know this man or seen this man, tell him please turn himself in," Caldwell said.

"I'm hoping that he will find in his heart to do the right thing, that he will come forward, that he will put himself in the place of all of us right now, that he will do the right thing that God wants him to do and that's turn himself in," said Edwards.

Read more on the hit-and-run HERE.


  • Joe Code stud

    Road rage deserves to be punished severely. I’ve seen road rage types trying to run people off the highway onto a ditch and high fiving.

  • doggercise

    a good way to not be dragged by a car is to not reach through the window and grasp at the person driving it.

  • MrsLittle

    this wasn’t just road rage, some of us can familiarize ourselves with what this was and it wasn’t just road rage. I hope this girl gets better because she and God know better than anybody who it is, and he will use her to get him off the streets. This man has no shame, i’m sorry to tell the family people like that don’t come forward, they get away with it alot. Please continue to pray to God for justice because there are some things that you cannot rely on and man is one. God Bless you all, honestly, my sympathy because it wasn’t that serious and she is a woman, somebody out there like that can hurt someone else. Guranteed he’s wanted for something else and cpd too busy throwing snowballs to catch him sooooooooooooo, let’s wait, wait, wait on the Lord!

  • Proud_Trucker

    I agree with ‘doggercise’. According to the report; 1) accident 2) argument (no doubt, a few “oh no you didn’!”) 3) the guy thinks “to heck with this, I’m leaving” and rather than get his license plate and call the police 4) she tried to stop a two ton vehicle (to show she’s tuff), got dragged 5) ticked off the guy who got her off his truck…and she, unfortunately, got run over when he drove off..

    I hope she pulls through. Quite frankly, if you get into an accident, get their plate and let them leave. Don’t chase because as bad as things are, they can get worse.

  • Melody Anne Ribis-Roy

    He won’t turn himself in he’s a coward who hits women and from the sounds of it was at fault too, If he wasn’t there he sure is now and I hope someone passing by saw enough to turn him in. To bad her mother didn’t think to get the plate number or tell her daughter to get back in the car before something happened.

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