‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says He Will Not Back Off Path

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Courtesy: A&E Networks via CNN

(Credit:  A&E Networks via CNN)

(Credit: A&E Networks via CNN)

Duck Dynasty‘ star Phil Robertson is breaking his silence after he was suspended over controversial comments he made to GQ magazine.

Speaking on Sunday, Robertson reportedly told a bible study group in Louisiana, “I will not give or back off from my path.” He went on to say, “I am a lover of humanity, not a hater.”

He told the Daily Mail Online that he was simply quoting from the bible when he called homosexuality a sin. (CLICK to read more on his comments.)

Meanwhile, fans of the highly-rated series are waiting to hear what A&E’s decision will be on the future of the show.

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  • Jackie Dienes

    I will never forget Wizard of Oz: Dorothy says to the tin man “How can you speak if you don’t have a brain?” Scarecrow replies: But Dorothy a lot of people speak without using their brain!!!” Profound … perhaps he will learn to use it before speaking for sure!!! I do not care how popular he thinks he is … use it!!!!

    • chelsie Yoder

      He quoted the bible. So should the bible be banned as well? He spoke his mind. I speak my mind in this world speak your mind. If I was a millionare I would qoute the bible as well not about homosexuality but about stealing and lying these are the things wrong with this country, but are passed up because everyone seems to focus on stupid stuff like this. Phil does have a brain. HE USED TO BE AN ALCOHOLIC BUT CHOSE A BETTER PATH. Alls i have to say is if you don’t know anything about him or his family do not comment! !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Hostetler

      looks like you are in the minority with your thoughts, remember that all have the right to speak… Just because you don’t like what he said it does not give you the right or the moral authority to stop him… Remember that and you will save your self stress… Oh and by the way the LIbs who spew thoughts so easily should use their brains too but you don’t see me trying to stop them…

  • Kelly Walker

    Just because you disagree with his opinion certainly doesn’t make it wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. He clearly used his brain because he doesn’t just voice his opinion but offers backup . Whether you agree or like it is completely irrelevant. We all have that right .

  • SoSueMe

    Good for Phil. Don’t cower down to the lunatic fringe. Funny the gays preach tolerance, BUT speak out against their life style and they scream like a bunch of smashed cats and try to silence you. They will loose this battle just like they did with Chick Fil A.

    • Robert M. Randolph

      If no one at A&E or Disney loses his job over this, we must conclude that management approves of the attempt to stifle free speech by a Christian. Or: we can conclude that A&E and Disney did this knowing that, by taking on the star of their No. 1 program, they would get publicity for their intent to squelch free speech and freedom of religion. If you are an actor or actress who is not a millionaire with highly paid lawyers and a large public to protect you, then you are on notice that, if you say what you think and it is not approved by the homosexual lobby, you will lose your job. The intent is apparent – toleration is not the agenda of the homosexual lobby. Control is.

  • erica

    I agree with Kelly. Everyone has a right to their opinions. Even stars. In the old days gays and lesbians were treated horrible. Now its the thing tto be. I don’t have to agree with your lifestyle but we are friends so I respect ur choices. I just dont hear about the bdrm.

  • Reggie

    Jackie- your comments are more relevant to yourself and the clowns at A&E. You clearly have no understanding of the word tolerance.

  • Judy Bateman

    It’s time to move on to things that are more positive. You can’t control a person’s thoughts but that doesn’t make them right. Who doesn’t have baggage? That doesn’t give us a right to brow beat others. If you ever notice, people with a high self esteem tend to see the best in others no matter what their choice in life is. Judgement should be left to God not man.

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