Man Drives Over Woman After Argument

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BRATENAHL, OH — A minor fender-bender turns disastrous after a man ran a woman over with his truck.

According to Lt. Chuck Lobello, the female was driving with her mother and getting off of I-90 at the Eddy Road exit when her car was hit by a truck at the top of the ramp.

Police say after the crash, both drivers got out of their vehicles and an argument ensued. The male driver tried to leave the scene, partially dragging the victim a short distance. He then got out of his truck and physically assaulted the woman, according to Bratenahl police.

That’s when police say the man jumped back in his truck and ran over the victim, driving over her upper body.

The woman was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center. Her condition was not released.

Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a silver full-size pickup truck with serious front-end damage. Anyone with information is asked to contact Bratenahl police.


  • Jujubean

    Road rage… You never know who you’re going to encounter… During an accident just stay in your car and apply makeup.

    • Justice

      “During an accident just stay in your car and apply makeup”…That is demeaning to women. I hardly think a story about a road-rage lunatic assaulting a woman is the forum for your disdain.

    • lee

      you are a fucking jerk what if the shoe was on the other foot would you want some one to reply to family like this in your time of need stop and think before you speak.

  • lee

    men are dogs they can’t think of nothing else to say but put on ypur makeup come on guys this women life is in danger you could at least say a prayer for her and her family. this is not for all men just this one who said this stupid shit out of his mouth.

  • Proud_Trucker

    I agree with lee! This “woman” is obviously NOT the type to really wear a lot of makeup. Better to say, “if you get into an accident, put it back in your pants and get the license plate before you try to wrestle a two ton truck to a stop”

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