No Injuries In Elyria House Explosion

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ELYRIA, OH –Firefighters and emergency authorities will be back on scene today to continue their investigation, after a house explosion Friday night in Elyria.

Elyria Fire Department officials confirm to FOX 8 News, that no major injuries were reported in the blast, that leveled a home in the 100 block of Columbia Avenue at 9:45pm.

Captain Kevin Szabo and crew spent the majority of the Friday night on scene.

No official cause has been determined, indications of a gas leak are evident and is suspected.

The blast was felt in several cities Friday night.  Fire crews responded to the home just before 10 p.m.

A photo from a Fox 8 viewer shows the home was completely leveled. Viewers from surrounding communities, as many as 10 miles away, had reported hearing the blast.

Houses on both sides were also damaged. Residents up and down the street all say they had debris in their yard.

This is a developing story. Stay with Fox 8 News and for updates.


  • C Rewoldt

    The news is reporting that a house exploded in Elyria on Columbia Ave. Didn’t know what happened but our house shook, like we had an earth quake. I pray no one was no one was at home, hope to find out more as time goes by this evening. Will be checking with on line news reports.

  • Daniel Kudela

    I rented that house for a year and a half with my wife and 2 kids (Dec 14 2010- June 15 2012) and there were serious issues with the furnance that the landlord and her husband knew about and were too cheap to replace it. They told us to go with out heat for a week because they wouldn’t replace it like they were advised by an HVAC technician but just replaced the part that went bad. It happened twice and they did nothing, so my guess is they still haven’t and that ultimately led to what happened tonight.

      • Daniel Kudela

        Nah, they weren’t slum lords, the house and area were nice. They were just cheap and refused to upgrade the furnace like they were advised to do twice in consecutive winters or much of anything that went wrong. It was like pulling teeth to get anything done. Like the screen door that was taken down and never fixed or replaced when it was broken and the wood rotting in the door frame. Or the deadbolt in the front door that wouldn’t unlock, or the garbage disposal they charged us 2 times as much for. They were just shady people in my opinion.

      • Matt C

        Daniel, im sorry but that is the definition of a slumlord. Their personality and the neighborhood have nothing to do with it. You said it yourself they don’t fix anything… What do you think a slumlord is? It’s a person who rents out a dwelling but never fixes the problems!

      • Pete

        Actually replying to Matt. If Daniel said they weren’t, he is the better judge. I’m a landlord, not by choice (due to the market tanking, houses aren’t selling – and mine is a very nice place but in a dying town). What I take in in rent versus taxes (it’s a big one in that town) and costs for repair, I don’t make a profit.

        Landlords aren’t in business to lose money. It sounds he is probably doing what any homeowner would do…. stretching a dollar. I know and have seen slumlords, and I know and have seen people who own property they are stuck with (mine will sell… some day) and it is like owning a swimming pool (money pit).

    • Michele

      We actually wanted to see this house when it was for rent back then, but changed our minds! So glad you and your family no longer live there. Shame on them for not fixing the problem. Now they will prob just c as dh in on insurance money :(

      • Daniel Kudela

        Oh of course they will, I’m glad you and yours declined as well. I totally understand why it was vacant. I’m not sure if insurance will cover it if that’s what happened, because they knew it had to be replaced (it was too small to support heating a house that size according to the HVAC guy) and they didn’t. Who knows, I’m just glad nobody was hurt and nobody lived there.

    • Pete

      Daniel, if this is in fact true I encourage you to contact the Elyria Fire Dept with this info.
      Imagine his insurance company would be interested too.

  • Daniel Kudela

    I’m very grateful they charged way too much for that place and we moved, my family might still be living there otherwise. I hope all my former neighbors are all safe and unharmed, my best wishes and prayers go out to all of you.

  • Daniel Kudela

    Yeah because the only thing in that house that was gas was the furnace and the hot water heater, everything else was electric. And the water heater was only 2 years old I think when we moved in. In all fairness they were pretty nice people personally, I don’t want to paint them as horrible people. But when it came to the house they were cheapskates and didn’t want to do anything.

    • Sharon Ulman

      A slum lord is someone who won’t take care of their property when tenants inform them of a problem. It has nothing to do with how nice the neighborhood or house appears to be.

      • Pete

        He had. He repaired the malfunctioning heater, just as you probably would in your home. Have you priced a new one, installed? A few hundred dollars is a lot less than $5-7,000.

        The safety mechanism in a pilot light device can fail, but it can be replaced. It is not a “replace the entire heater” problem.

  • misty

    They should like therly could knew about it and did it for the insure cause they didrnt wanna fix it I knew a guy who onned a factory and did it back in 2008 on Taylor st its still half way up . a d I woyldent doubt they did that to collect it. It will be investgated to fund out what mad a gas leask or what ever but I hear it was a empty place why was the gas even on

    • Daniel Kudela

      So the pipes don’t freeze up. Its terrible for this to happen this close to Christmas. I honestly feel bad for them and their family. If that same furnace was in there I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the source of the gas leak. They said a neighbor of the house called them after it happened, why didn’t the neighbor call them when the gas company showed up to investigate a leak? The gas company was there a few hours before the explosion because someone called and reported smelling gas coming from there; but they wouldn’t enter the house because the owner didn’t call in the complaint. Way to go gas company, you devistated a family right before christmas because you went by the book and didn’t even notify the home owner.

      • Pete

        Hmmm. You’d think they’da at least turned off the main as a precaution. Surprised the fire dept was there on standby in case… well, the case showed itself, didn’t it.

    • Matt C

      I work on foreclosed homes. I have had many orders where I meet the gas company to turn gas on for heat. There are many houses that are vacant with gas on. It’s the gas company’s job to pressure test the gas lines before turning gas on… When it doesn’t hold pressure they are supposed to throw a red tag on the meter and leave the gas off until the problem is fixed and the system holds pressure.

  • Ruthie

    Same thing happened with the gas company and the house that blew up on W. 83rd street at the beginning of 2010. They came out, smelled gas, but said that weren’t going in because they didn’t have permission. That explosion took out an apartment building and 4 other houses. It caused my house 10 grand in damages and I am 12 houses away. The gas company claimed they were responsible. Good thing nobody was hurt. It’s a miracle.

  • Ruthie

    oppps..they claimed they weren’t responsible that should read. Anyhow, I’m out the deductible on my insurance because nobody could figure out who was responsible.

    • Pete

      did you talk to a lawyer? You shouldn’t be held liable for the deductible when someones else’s incident caused it. Sure the gas co is going to blame the homeowner, however, they knew there was a gas leak and didn’t turn off the main… a lawyer can prove partial negligence on the gas company.

      You shouldn’t be carrying the stick. Even the homeowner of the house that exploded insurance should be covering your damage, if at least the deductible.

  • Eggman

    W83 involved a scrapper who had 3 previous arson cases. Scrappers are the scum of society yet people continue to look the other way. It actually shocking this doesn’t happen more often.

  • Steve

    The news reported it happened on the 100 block of Columbia Ave.,but I used google map and went street level and dont see the house.Anyone know the address?

  • Lisa stevens

    I live 6 houses down from this house, we’ve lived here for 10 years. No one was living in the house at the time. The house was for sale but seemed people were always moving in and out rather quickly. No one stayed there for long?? Last night was absolutely awful!! Thank god no one was hurt.

  • Debby

    My parents live 2 houses down from the house that exploded and it breaks my heart to see this amount of devastation. It looks like a war zone. If you ask me this is going to be a major fight between the gas company and the home owner’s insurance company, but someone dropped the ball on being responsible here. My parent’s are in their 80’s and are facing displacement from the house my Grandparent’s lived in. I am 57 and remember Christmas here when I was 8 years old.

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