Download: Indoor E-Cigarette Ban?

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New York City may soon add smoking e-cigarettes indoors to its list of things you can’t do.

According to FOX News, council voted 48 to 3 Thursday to prohibit the use of the device in restaurants, bars and city parks.

New York already outlaws smoking in those areas.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to sign the e-cigarette bill.

New Jersey, Arkansas, Utah and North Dakota are among the states with a ban on indoor e-cigarettes.

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  • Karen Robinson

    My god who does this little prig think he is? Talk about walking on others rights. He has taken away sodas, smokes, now water vapor. When is this socialist going to be stopped?

  • Alyson Ruggeri

    You can’t smell e cigarette vapor they don’t make you stink,you don’t get all the chemicals like smoking a regular cigarette. They come in several strengths of nicotine. I recently quit smoking thanks to e cigs they even have a zero nicotine that I have used and I am weaning myself off of this now.I only pick it up when I feel like I might want a cigarette.

  • Louis Aquila

    They need to ban Drinking ! More people Die from Alcohol related accidents and health issues in this country then is reported! We also need to ban Politicians!!! Hey Morning Show, I want to Wish All of You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • Cory Hamlin

    I don’t use mine inside, I’m afraid someone will say something. That being said, you can’t smell it, doesn’t have “second hand” smoke like cigarettes, and they don’t pose any fire hazard. I think it is a little drastic, but New York is a very densely populated area, maybe there is another reason for the ban.

  • Steve

    I started vaping and quit smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day about 1 year 7 months ago. I started with nicotine in mine and I now have little nicotine or most of the time no nicotine in mine. I find it ridiculous that everywhere you go they try to take away everything that helps us!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all about the money!!!!

  • cheryl Turner

    The e-cigarettes also come non nicotine……I don’t smoke but al ot of my friends smoke these there is no smell…The lady in the store that said she smelled them needs to see a doctor because she has a problem with reality…THERE IS NO SMELL!! unless you get the flavored ones

  • andrew baran

    I used to spend $200 a week, now, with my e cig., I spend $30. Also, to save My butt (lol), I had my Dr. prescribe a script that I carry around in My wallet. It states, e-cig, take as needed. Now what ?

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