Fatal Shots Fired at Car Turning Around in Driveway

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CLEVELAND — Authorities say they are investigating a homicide after a woman was shot Wednesday evening.

The shooting occurred at the 4100 block of E. 146th Street.

According to Cleveland police, the shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. A woman on scene was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for a gunshot injury to the head.

She later died from her injury.

The Cleveland Division of Police said a preliminary investigation revealed the victim was the passenger in a car that was using a driveway to turn around.  Shots were fired from outside the vehicle and hit the victim in the head.

The homicide unit is investigating the shooting. No suspect information is available at this time.

Stay with FOX 8 as more information becomes available.



    This is truely a shame i do not go to cleveland with my family or go there for anything…the killings are everyday there kids with guns killing and robbing your people of cleveland…and Cops who dont care…get paid to sleep in there cars city workers do the same…cleveland is not home to me no longer i tell people i am from Lorain…not cleveland.

  • JF

    I beg to differ Tux. I am from the East side, Geauga County. Yeah we had the horrific happening in Chardon. However, Cleveland has killings EVERY day!

  • lee

    I am angry with senseless murder of any race stop bring ignorant using color like a certain race commits crime. Pray for all people

  • Ray

    Where to begin…I am a black male raised and residing in Cleveland. Sad thing is the ignorant commits produced are more factual than I care to imagine. And yes the young black males and parents are to blame because we ultimately seal our own fate as humans, but and behind every butt comes some shit…..white America is more at fault than they care to accept…(evidence in all of the racist commits aimed to point blame rather than to help assess and help change the dilemma). Ask yourself this question white America who is more at fault Frankenstein the monster (bein what he was created to be a monster) or Dr. Frankenstein ( for creating the monster). What’s sad to me is with all our vast knowledge and heightened ability to perceive things we still use color to define ourselves. We are humans that is our race no matter the shade we come in…..Please wake up and open your heart not your eyes God bless and love to u all even the ignorant….#realrecognizereal #whichareyou

  • mj

    Don’t blame the white man,the Black man has just as many opportunities to do righteousness. I know black doctor’s and judge’s,lawyer’s,and the President of the United State’s to name a few who know killing each other is a problem in the black race in their towns. The white race has just as many problems and just as many random killings that happen at schools or malls to name a few. People who are good and evil all live under the same law’s that are made to protect and enforce the citizens of America,..just some of us follow, and other’s don’t.

  • doggercise

    after a few years in america, the average illegal immigrant speaks better english and is more well spoken than the average cleveland high school student.

  • Kathy

    What a senseless tragedy this is. To think – you can’t even turn around in someone’s driveway! Nowhere is safe. God HELP US ALL.

  • tonyz@centurytel.net

    Wrong place wrong time…..it’s a shame and it shouldn’t have happened. People this is not a black white thing, it is mostly gang thing. And to be sure gangs come in all colors. Probably drug motivated, and as in most cases like this the killer or killers can’t hide. I would start with the owner of the driveway. This is just the type of activity that fuels the NWO…..It’s a shame I don’t know what kind of future these gang members think they will have. Only two places to go, jail or cemetery.

    • Dee

      I agree, wrong place & time. I think the driveway owner might be correct also, but gang related? Not so sure. I’ll be interested to see what the police come up with, while I pray for everyone involved.

  • Nbbbbl

    Why does everything have to be about race? There is danger in every community. Regardless of color, a person lost their life. Will we ever stop making things about race and appreciate each other?

  • le

    I would like to say first, I am black. And yes you see a number of black on black crimes.. or simply black people committing crimes. that does not mean only black people commit crimes. this can be proven w/o numbers or media easily. ARENT THERE WHITE PEOPLE IN JAIL AS WELL AS BLACKS.? so for the people who keep saying black, as if that makes all these senseless killing understandable is just as stupid and inhumane as the shooters.


    WHAT i am saying is lorain is a small town and if you live in lorain you know where the drug houses are and avoid them our streets all have lights and over 90 % of them have a camra on ..you know where to go in your town to avoide danger…in Cleveland thered gangs running the streets and laying in wait to rob you…you know not to go to parts of cleveland ..in lorain our police have cracked down on gangs and we are going to take our streets back…i have video camaras and i am sure i can protect my family in my town…cleveland is way to big to get control of …our police are known by some of us on first names…ill keep my little old town…you keep yours…no white gangs here..

    • JF

      Amen Al, Amen. I grew up in Euclid many years sgo. I cannot believe that the neighbors that still live there that have to carry a metal bat or crowbar just to walk up and down the street! Sad sad situations!!!

  • Ray

    In response to to my response a factual ignorant statement is produced when when it is comprised of facts but also tainted by personally bias emotions and absolutes there’s no such thing as all….. I can’t say all whites are racist… Even tho the majority has been taught to be…. And that’s factual check the history he’s taught me…. Did the Jews blame hitler and the nazis for their tragic abuse and oppression of course and they still recieve assistance for that crime pastings a decade or so…. As opposed to Africans who for hundreds of years oppression and stripping of all human rights and instincts and u expect it to change wit just a oh sorry bout that your free…. And those few blacks who make a difference( my father a decorated police officer now instructin our federal govt) was fortunate do I kno how many blacks have degrees yet work out there field because whites are in power and the only reason some have jobs because they are forced to by the gov’t of course u wouldn’t understand because u are part of the haves and not the have nots but this was not my intention to give a history lesson funny thing is with all I did say I knew the message would be lost on the ignorant we are all one race it is our obligation to help one another… Your comments and uneducated responses prove that u are and have been the problem to world peace false self entitlement to the world and all who oppose are destroyed and history from grade school shows me this yet I still love you and oneday you will leave the strength and love will prevail over this infectious evil….may your god have mercy on your soul..with love from your brother’s keeper

  • Ray

    Excuse the rush and miss spelling shut as for this subject I’m done wuts more important is the life of that beautiful young lady….black ppl as u can see from others the love is not there it is up to us to rebuild our leader is on its way and you will b in your rightful place….promote the love the peace and stop the genocide….

  • JF

    Well Tanisha, that is because blacks taunt us whites. If I had a black taunting me, let’s just say he would be dead quicker than a black person eating chitlins!

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