Plugged In: Coach Slams Team of ‘Mama’s Boys’ in Rant

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

A college basketball coach was so disgusted by his team’s performance he passionately described the players’ shortcomings and used some dynamic analogies during a post-game rant Tuesday.

It came after a Southern Illinois 73-65 loss to Murray State, giving the team the worst record in the Missouri Valley Conference.

The audio file that captured SIU Coach Barry Hinson was posted on

In it, Hinson called his team a bunch of “mama’s boys” who are “uncoachable” and said it seemed as though snipers were in the gym because the athletes kept falling down.

He also compared coaching his young team to house-training a puppy and essentially said his wife could shoot better. reported Hinson later apologized, but only for calling out one athlete by name and saying he was “absolutely awful.”   The rest Hinson stood by “100 percent.”

Listen to the rant here.


  • kathie

    This is what coaches do….these mama’s boys need to man up. He did
    apologize for calling someone out — nice of him and probably the right thing to do. Otherwise — good for him!

  • Cherie

    “Feel good sportsmanship” has replaced true competitiveness in today’s society. This is why younger generations feel they are entitled to $50,000yr jobs immediately. Good for the coach. Real life is not what parents are teaching their kids, glad the coach is.

  • tracy sabol

    That’s how the TI’s talk to you in basic training in the military. In fact, much worse sometimes. I was a sensitive young girl back then but I was expecting it so I made it through and it has helped me be tough when I need to be in my life.

  • Dave

    Hinson is an excellent coach, this team beat Final Four Wichita State last year with a lot less talent. This is just Tough Love, sorely needed in sports today. He’d do anything for his players, and he has made academics and graduation a priority. He apologized for calling out one player by name, and SIU and its fans are standing behind him. BTW – the players agreed with his comments at yesterday morning’s team meeting, and one player took down his critical tweet on his own.

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