Six Arrested in String of Armed Bank Robberies

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS– Six arrests have been made in a string of armed bank robberies in Cleveland Heights.

Police said the suspects are accused of being involved in three robberies. The first was at the Ohio Savings Bank on Lee Road on November 22; the second robbery occurred at First Merit Bank at 87 Circle on December 3; the third robbery was at the Fifth Third Bank at 12401 Cedar Road in Cleveland on December 7.

Lavontrae Durden, Nathaniel Wright, Jr., Rodney E. Johnson, Jr., and Nautica Merritt are charged with aggravated robbery. Merritt is also charged with aiding and abetting.

Lovell Briggs is charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, along with aiding and abetting.

A 17-year-old boy is also charged with aggravated robbery.

Police said the suspects are members of an east side gang known as the “Cut Throat Boys.”

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  • whocoulditbeisthecowardlytypeofracist

    I believe the common denominator is that they’re all human beings who are members of the same gang. Perhaps you didn’t read the article.

  • rickers

    no hope for the future & the coddling of our criminals while in the “joint” just makes them more prone to be repeats.. Time to bring back DEVIL’s Island, or Alcatraz.

  • Jim

    Make examples of them, HANG THEM ON CITY SQUARE BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD!!!!! Then let them hang there for 5-6 hours for everyone to see. Bet this would make “BAD BOYS” turn into GOOD BOYS>

  • Walter Garrett

    That boy Rodney was a friend of mine back in elementary school. we always hung out and played doge ball……………smh it’s goint ot be hard saying that we were “childhood friends”

  • John Smith

    And, of course, race has nothing to do with it.
    race has nothing to do with it
    race has nothing to do with it
    race has nothing to do with it

    And the cow jumped over the moon …………. really!

  • Anonymous

    Nautica Is My Friend. She Is A Great Person,We Went To High School Together And Are Both In College Together Now. I Don’t,In Any Way,Condone Or Justify What She Has Done;But, I Know Her Personally. This Act Of Stupidity Is Not Like Her! She’s So Bright And Smart,And She Was Headed Toward Great Success. She Is Not A Member Of That Gang. However,I Did Have To Warned Her About Her Circle Of People. I Pray That She Uses The Consequences Of This Situation To Truly Think About The Severity Of What Has Happened;People’s Lives Were At Stake,And It Could Have Ended So Differently. Furthermore,She Needs To Reflect And Reconsider Who She Chooses To Hang With.

  • Kameron Brown

    It’s real sad how these boys turned out and at one point in life they were all good kids I watch these dudes grow up and follow all the wrong things in life I just hope this change all of them cause I don’t know where they turned left

  • Young disel

    These guys just need a real chance a life. Not saying they shouldn’t be punished, Not the book thrown at them as we’ll. You all our in our prayers. Better there than D.E.A.D Any DAY! RIPPIN DAVE.

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