Program Continues After Traffic Camera Set on Fire

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CLEVELAND – The Automated Photo Enforcement Program in Cleveland continues with the redeployment of 12 Portable Camera Units (PCUs) on Wednesday.

The cameras were first put on the roads at the end of September and they’re moved to a different location every two weeks.

According to a spokesperson for the city, 31,407 citations have been issued from the PCUs this year and the fees start at $100. Some of those citations are disputed or dismissed.

“I think it’s another money-making scheme,” said Ron Cooper from Cleveland. “It’s not about safety; it’s about money, profit.”

“Well, honestly, if you’re following the traffic rules, you shouldn’t have to worry about it,” said a driver who didn’t want to be identified.

The cameras have not been well-received by many drivers and one PCU was recently doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire near E. 85th and Hough. The camera was damaged and is still being repaired before it can be redeployed.

“I wouldn't go to that extent but I do disagree with that policy,” said Ron Cooper from Cleveland.

“That’s very unfortunate, no matter how angry you get about a situation, violence is never the answer,” said another driver in the city who didn’t want to be identified.

If caught, the suspect will be prosecuted but law enforcement officials said the camera did not capture a photo of the perpetrator in action.

“If you’re out here creating some kind of havoc or getting into trouble then you have something to worry about,” said Herb McClure in Cleveland. “If you obey the laws, what’s the big deal?”

Be warned, the vandalism won’t put an end to the program that, according to a release from the city, will “increase safety for the traveling public."

“Usually when I know the area, I try to avoid it or definitely go under the speed limit,” said an unidentified driver.

While they’re usually relocated every two weeks, the PCUs will maintain their location for a longer period of time because of the holiday season. They will be moved again after the first weekend of January.

*CLICK HERE for the complete list of new locations.


  • Kevin B.

    As i understand it …The introduction of the camera photo into evidence is hearsay. A court cannot allow hearsay evidence without some exception, and it is contested in many jurisdictions whether a red light camera photo is considered hearsay.
    The photo cannot be used to prove the traffic light was properly operating. The prosecutor must provide some evidence that the red light was operating correctly, typically by way of a witness who maintains or checks that traffic signal.
    Use of the camera photo is a violation of your Sixth Amendment right to confrontation. The Constitution guarantees you the right to confront your accusers. That means the photo technically cannot be allowed into evidence without allowing you to cross-examine a witness who maintains the records and system associated with the camera.

  • concern driver

    we should have camera,s on every street 95% of drivers don,t care how they drive they run stop signs an much more if they hit & kill someone they it hit a cat or dog then go home an they i don,t care what i did nobody will ever find out but god will know.

  • Ned Uolevets

    Would be counter productive if they had stepped up patrols to curb the vandalism… If you make it not profitable, they will not be able to support having them.
    Keep up the campfires.

  • Vicki

    I recd 2 tickets, new to working in Downtown Cleveland and thought speed limit was 35, getting a ticket for going 38MPH in a 25 – they should be illegal, they are set up right at the speed limit sign in my opinion- and who goes 25mph on a 4 lane highway – especially at night, who wants to be going slow enough that anyone can walk up to your car- also, the people getting hit are the jaywalkers, they do not abide by the walkways, but they are not getting caught on camera’s and getting tickets

  • dan doyle

    another good reason for me to not go to cleveland. I dont go up there and spend my money. people getting robbed and shot. and have popo in a box sending people tickets and people cant hardly afford to eat after they pay $3 a gallon for gas.

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