Police: Mom Punches Students Over Social Media Fight

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BEDFORD, Ohio-- An online fight between two teenage girls leads to a mother going to her daughter’s school and punching two students, according to police.

She's also accused of having a loaded gun on her.

Falesia Clark, 45, is in the Bedford City Jail on a $1 million bond. She is charged with two counts of assault, trespassing, and carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds.

Law enforcement officials said the judge set the bond for Clark so high because the incident happened on school property-- a message that taking a gun to a school will not be taken lightly.

Security was beefed up around Bedford High School because of a fight that happened in the parking lot after school, Monday.

Police say Clark was upset about a dispute her daughter had with a 16-year-old girl online.

"It started in the social media, with some threats that were made over social media and the parent had went up to the school earlier in the day to try to address it, and then she returned to the school later on and apparently decided to take matters into her own hands and she confronted some of the students," said Bedford Det. Sgt. Brian Byard.

Bedford police said Clark punched the girl, knocking her to the ground, then assaulted a 15-year-old girl who tried to help.

When police arrested Clark, they say they found a loaded .22-caliber pistol inside a fanny pack.

"The weapon was never brandished. The weapon was never seen until she was taken into custody. During a search of her, they found the weapon on her," Byard said.

"I think like, that was really crazy and it shouldn't have happened because she's a parent and with her having a gun, that was really dangerous for her to bring to the school because she could've hurt anybody with it," said student, Tamera Tucker.

"I just initially heard about the fight part of it and then today to hear that she had a gun as well you know, like my daughter said, it's scary knowing that a parent would come up here and attack a child and even bring a weapon in regards to it," said her mother, Tamara Tucker.

"The social media has created more problems for us. It's created some really good things for us and some really bad things," said Bedford Schools Superintendent Sherman Micsak.

Micsak sent students, parents and staff members an email about the incident. He said threats and bullying on social media often end in this type of trouble.

"We'd like to get the message to the parents that it is so important that they talk to their kids, that they monitor what they are doing when it comes to the Facebooks, the Twitters, Pinterest, those things that are out there and what their kids are doing and what they're texting and who they're texting with and who they're talking to online," said Micsak.


  • Chris

    Expected from kids, but a mother fighting with kids and bringing a gun? I guess mom is the one who needs to grow up.. Another useless person in our society.

    • ashlee

      I’m positive, you’ve made a few good stupid choices that people would call you “useless” for too mate.

      you don’t know whether this person has mental issues, or needs help themselves,

      your existence is useless. :)

  • DRock

    Say what you will but no one is dead. It was stupid but stupid people do stupid things. I’m glad she’s black. She brought a gun but used her fist (still wrong) but if she were white she would have shot up the school and the kids and then killed herself to escape the consequences! Only white people do that.

    • ashlee

      You have crack rocks in your brain buddy.

      you’re stereotyping a person from their skin colour.

      Go back into your mother womb please.

      thank you.

  • cactus

    Im sure Falesia’s Parents “IF SHE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE” are very proud…. I hope she ran to GOODWILL and purchased all her Christmas gifts prior …. Look at her POOR Daughter most likely will follow in Mothers foot steps…. Great education one gets in BEDFORD SCHOOL’S…… Trash like her need to stay in Jail……

  • tee

    I go to bedford high school .. Were not all bad or stupid as most of yall say . One bad thing happened that’s life but to talk down on our school isn’t right . None of you go to Bedford . They try this best to keep us safe & do everything they need to to make us better & have a great future

  • Shay

    Yeah she shouldn’t have brought a gun with her to the school but if she hadn’t done anything to stand up for her child who else would have? The kid probably needed a good punch in the face. Maybe she’ll think next time before harassing a girl online and at school.

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