Man Who Murdered Teenage Girl Denied Parole

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio–  The Ohio Parole Board has rejected a bid for freedom by a Summit County man convicted of murdering a teenage girl, with whom he was obsessed.

The parole board ruled that the release of 42-year-old Shane Partin would create an undue risk to public safety, and would demean the seriousness of his crime.

Partin was convicted in 1999 of stabbing to death 15-year-old Cassandra Blondheim, a fellow volunteer at the Cathedral Buffet, a Cuyahoga Falls restaurant operated by televangelist Ernest Angley.

Investigators say the then 27-year-old Partin was obsessed with Cassandra, a high school sophomore, and killed her because she rejected his advances.

The rejection of Shane Partin’s parole request means that he will remain in prison until at least 2023.

The family of Cassandra Blondheim, which organized an online petition to oppose Partin’s release, issued a statement that reads, “We are very thankful and thrilled about the parole board’s decision, and no doubt Cassandra is smiling from Heaven! A big thank you to all of the people who have signed the petition and prayed throughout this quest in getting justice for Cassandra.

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  • Kevin

    so wait a minute, let me get this straight…
    This guy stabbed a 15 year old girl to death and he is still alive, in jail, eating better than some people do, have a roof over his head and watching Cable TV, when some hardworking citizens cannot even afford these luxuries.
    What a waste to our tax money..
    Instead of worrying about his freedom, maybe the courts should have pushed the death penalty…

  • Pat

    I’ll sign the petition to reinstate herd labor as a penalty. Break rocks into smaller rocks for 20 years and see if you’ll be as inclined to commit more crimes in the future. Maybe give the convicted felon a credit of 1 second off his sentence for every rock he smashes…incentives work.

  • rick

    do not give him parole at all don’t be f—— stupid shoot him don’t give him the chance to life he didn’t give her a chance f him

  • Patrick

    Don’t shoot him buy a rope and hang him the rope is reusable it can be used in the next low life living on our tax money that should be put down

  • Mark

    I tell you terrible to even touch someone. Let alone
    Kill them. Must do the time. Her poor family oh my.
    She was so full of life.

    Also the conditions at that work environment
    Were terrible. What was is good for one
    Isn’t good for another / that’s not right either
    Why can one person act do certain things and
    Another can’t because who they are ??

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