Facebook Admits Tracking Unposted Status Updates

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Facebook has confirmed that it can track what you’re typing, even if it’s never posted.

According to the Los Angeles Times, two researchers of the popular social media site said they had tracked the activity of about five million random Facebook users in the United States and England but are no longer doing it.

Their study reportedly looked at how frequently people censored themselves while typing posts and comments.

Facebook said it’s within its terms of service to do this.

*Read much more on the study here*


    • Rich

      What makes it legal is you are using THEIR application to do it. Plain and simple, an app developer has the right to track whatever they want to while you are using their app. Read the terms and conditions you agree to on some of the apps you use on your phone and you’d be surprised what might be tracked by your favorite app. The key is … while you are using their app.

  • Rich

    Facebook also isn’t the only one able to do this. With AJAX, a web technology that allows for the predictive text (such as Google’s search box) every character you type gets processed by the back-end web server or application, so collecting what you type without actually posting/submitting isn’t very hard to do.

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