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Church Reports Numerous Thefts

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WESTLAKE, Ohio — The pastor of a local church has been busy reporting numerous break-ins.

The person responsible also managed to get away with several thousand dollars worth of goods and caused some damage.

The Rev. Jim Yost said Westlake Christian Church on Hilliard Boulevard was first targeted a year ago, and the break-ins haven’t stopped.

Mostly recently, someone stole a computer with two monitors, a flat screen television and change being collected for the needy.

The theft was reported to the Westlake Police Department on Dec. 9.

Just days before that, around Dec. 4, damage was done to two entry points of the church when someone tried to break in, but nothing was taken.

A thief went after the pop machine last month and got away with $547.  That incident was reported on Nov. 4.

Police have collected evidence and are investigating.

The church plans to install monitored security alarms.


  • SoSueMe

    This shows what a population of low-life’s the human race is becoming. To stoop so low to steal from a church. Thievery is unacceptable, but to steal from a church… That’s as low as it gets.

  • TMBu

    I would think stealing from a children’s charity would be much worse; like stealing from Toys for Tots, or coats for kids. But, this is still not cool. It had to be done by someone who knew what was in the church. Hell, I don’t even believe in any diety, and I know it’s wrong to steal from anybody. If you’re that down on your luck, wouldn’t asking the place for help make more sense?

  • doggercise

    Historically, most churches had some clergy and staff living at the church. or at least, domiciles adjacent to the church or temple or shrine. this new model or standard is inadequate.

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