Lakers Security Guard Arrested for Stealing Rings

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Photo Credit: MGN Online

LOS ANGELES, CA — A security guard at the Los Angeles Lakers training facility was arrested, accused of stealing two championship rings.

According to CNN, Eddie Monterroso, 23, was arrested Tuesday, accused of stealing two championship rings and $20,000 in gift cards.

The championship rings were from 2009 to 2010 seasons. The gift cards were to be used by the team to give away donations to community groups for Christmas.

Police were able to retrieve $6,000 in the gift cards.

Police say a search of the suspect’s home “yielded evidence of theft as well as the championship rings,” according to CNN.

Monterroso is charged with burglary and grand theft.

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  • Pat

    I assume he planned on melting them down for a few hundred dollars in ‘scrap’ gold. Almost as shocking as the Lakewood church’s century-old relics being stolen and sold as scrap there on W117th Street. Wow.

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