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Family and Friends Remember Reann Murphy

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APPLE CREEK, OH -- The loved ones and friends of Reann Murphy spent some time remembering her Sunday night.

The loss of the 9-year-old is confusing and troubling for everyone involved. Some describe it as the most horrific 24 hours, which has also been very emotional.

Dozens of people gathered in the Village of Apple Creek to say their goodbyes to the young girl, who was murdered and left in a Smithville dumpster.

Reann Murphy (Courtesy: Wayne Co Sheriff Dept.)

Reann Murphy (Courtesy: Wayne Co Sheriff Dept.)

"She was the best thing that ever happened to me and now this is the hardest thing that's ever happened to me in my life," said the girl's father, Richard Murphy.

Murphy held back tears at Sunday's vigil in Wayne County.

"We don't lose faith; we trust and believe in God and stick together," added Reann's uncle, Ken Murray.

While the victim's uncle is relying on a higher power, Sunday night's crowd lit candles and shared hugs. Some even made signs that read "We love you, Reann."

Everyone at the emotional event was just trying to make sense of the loss of such a vibrant and beautiful little girl.

"It's just amazing so many people can pull together in such a horrible time," said Reann's aunt, Paula Watts.

"She was just awesome. The last time I saw her was Thanksgiving. We was playing pool," Murphy said.

People also expressed their disgust when it comes to how Reann died, and how her body was discovered Sunday morning.  They tell Fox 8 nobody should ever die that way.

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  • Alana

    My heart truly hurts for this beautiful little girl and her family. I will include her and her family in my nightly prayers tonite. What a terrible, terrible loss.

  • Michael Powers

    My deepest condolences to this family. As for the person they caught. If he is found guilty, justice will be swift (those animals in prison will see to justice being served).

  • Bonnie Jablonski

    My heart is truly broken for this little girl. How could anybody do this to a innocent little girl ?? A MONSTER, that’s who. My prayers for the family and Reann. I will pray everynight for her and for justice to be done.

  • Shirley Phipps

    This broke my heart when i read it .Even though im miles away and dont know this family. My prayers are with the family.I pray that the jury finds this man guilty to the highest fine. He needs to be taken out somewhereandd hang him,dont give him the pleaasure of living even in a cell by himself. The tax payers don’t need to be paying for people like him.Jesus i come to you now asking you to wrap your arms around each one. Comfort their heart and let them know that she is in heaven and looking down on the family saying dont cry as Jesus called me home.In Jesus name ,Amen

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