Police: No Weapon Found Inside Vehicle in Officer-Involved Shooting

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CLEVELAND– Cleveland police said no weapon was found inside the vehicle of a suspect in an officer-involved shooting, Tuesday night.

Police said the search warrant was executed Thursday by the Division’s Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team.

According to police, around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, detectives confronted Xavier Hempstead, 29, in the 12200 block of Emery Avenue on Cleveland’s west side.

Authorities were investigating him in a burglary case and also for allegedly possessing guns.

Investigators said as officers approached his black Infiniti SUV, Hempstead pointed the muzzle of a gun at them. A detective fired two shots, hitting him in the neck and chest/shoulder area.

Officers chased Hempstead a short distance to a gas station a few blocks away near West 106th Street and Jasper Road.

He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center to be treated for his injuries; he is now behind bars awaiting charges.

The officer who fired his weapon is currently on administrative leave.

Police said the Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team will continue with the investigation and when finished, the facts will be presented to the prosecutor’s office for review.

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  • Sharon Ulman

    The Cleveland Police Department really needs to get their act together. This is the second incidence of firing on a suspect that was “supposedly armed”. I can only imagine what the Feds are thinking while all of this is going on.

  • scott swea

    read the story , i know english is hard for you they did not find a gun in the vehicle, the guy jumped out and ran he could of threw it or hid it , tired of all you cop hating people, move out of american your not welcome

    • Pat

      Wow, how can you criticize someone’s use of the english language when your grammar is so bad. Plus, commenting online doesn’t necessarily demand attention to all details. Chill, or at least take an English 101 course at CCC.

  • Reggie

    The cops did no wrong. Follow directions. Don’t run. They exercised caution while nearing an alleged ARMED felon. Let’s see your judgement in a split decision critics.

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