Pay It Forward: Giving Back to a Caregiver

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Giving back to a caregiver.

It's time to honor another unsung hero.

We Pay It Forward in partnership with "The Word" Church.

Watch Wayne Dawson's report above.


  • Karla Higgins

    I do think what Fox 8 and The Word Church does is wonderful. I haven’t seen any in awhile, and I need to nominate a friend in dire need. She has been unemployed from some surgeries in the past, she lost her job being out so long. She loves her animals, when her original pets past away, she got more dogs from the shelters. One dog was on Dick Goddards Pet segment. Her significant other has just lost his job last week. I’m on Oxygen 24/7 living on borrowed time, when she heard I was sick, or had other life changing events she tried to be there. I’m not the smartest bulb on the porch, but I know God and his love and this is laid on my heart to help somehow. That’s why Im reaching out to you.

    Please contact me at the information left. as I really don’t know how to contact you. Thank you. Merry Christmas and God Bless you. :)

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