Officers’ Snowball Fight Caught on Camera

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CLEVELAND -- Inappropriate or innocent fun?

A video is lighting up Facebook showing several Cleveland police officers having a snowball fight while appearing to be on-duty.

The man who shot the video says he was upset by the activity in front of his home. He posted the video on his Facebook page Wednesday night and people have been sharing it, including sending it to FOX 8.

Although it's dark outside, the video clearly shows Cleveland police cars in the video and officers in uniform throwing snowballs at each other. The recording lasts just over two minutes.

The man states in one of his postings that he woke up to a ruckus outside and saw the officers engaged in a snowball fight. He states he then started recording them, when you can see one of the officers shine a spotlight in his direction. Soon after that, the snowball fight stopped.

Cleveland police spokesman Sgt. Sammy Morris says he has seen the video. The department, including the chief, are investigating, but Sgt. Morris says they have no further comment.

FOX 8 also reached out to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's office. After watching the video, the mayor's office said, "It looks like the officers were relieving a little stress with a snowball fight that lasted a very short time. We’re not aware that it resulted in any harm or put anyone at risk."


  • Ron G

    A couple minutes of fun is ok. Better then seeing one being shot. Plus, if a call came in, I bet they would have ran to cars and sped off to handle it. Like no one ever texts at work or goes online at work.
    To me, this is fine, and a couple minutes glad they had a little fun.

    • Kathy

      Unless you wear there shoes, these guys spend every second on the job and don’t know when it might be there last. Are you really going to b-t-h and cause trouble for them? I laughed when I saw it and OH! it was all of 2min. I say its about time we saw something other then a Policeman getting shot or some guy in a mask robbing a bank. It was fun to watch the fun.

  • Momof3

    Dear Fox 8….you are starting to become the TMZ of news reporting. Big deal. A snowball fight. Good for them, they are entitled to a break.

  • Steve Louden

    Innocent fun! Police officers are human, too. It’s good to see them having fun when you think about all that they have to deal with on a daily basis! I say good for them!

  • Melinda Hurlbut

    The Officers are human, they need a little break. What a good fun way to ease a lttle stress. Some people have to complain about everything,when it does not involve them.

  • Joe Aaron

    Really? A snowball fight is what your front news report is? I mean…if the title were “Police chugging beers in street” yeah…that is a pretty serious issue…but this is a SNOWBALL FIGHT. They saw they woke someone up, and left shortly after. Seriously, whats the big deal? I know it makes for good news to go after cops but I’m sure you could find a real story, and not a snowball fight. It’s honestly pretty pathetic you are trying to turn this into a “scandal”

  • Brenda

    Give it a rest, Fox 8. Those officers are wearing walkie talkies and would respond in seconds if called. You don’t have to follow up on every petty complaint about the police that you receive. Chances are the caller just didn’t want the police outside his house. I wonder why.

  • Debi

    Nothing wrong with a lil snowball fight, people need to quit always trying to make such a big deal out of stupid stuff, would it be any different if they weren’t cops? Give me a break!!!!

  • Kevin B.

    I wouldn’t want them “playing” the entire shift but, i see no harm or issue in them having a bit of fun.They need to let off some steam and relax a bit even on duty.

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