Explosion and Fire Does Damage to Little Tikes Plant

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HUDSON, Ohio – The Hudson Fire Department responded to a report of an explosion and fire at the Little Tikes plant on Barlow Rd. in Hudson on Wednesday night.

Jody Roberts with the City of Hudson said it happened in a powder room and maintenance shop at 5:59 p.m.

According to a press release, there was minimal structural damage to the area; but a dollar amount is not yet known.

No injuries were reported.

The fire remains under investigation.


  • Rebecca

    To those of you who seem to think its “cool” you need to remember some people don’t share your opinion and your opinion may offend them. I have seen people who have been burned…its nothing to joke about. I’m sure the company takes precautions to protect our children. If you are so much better where’s your perfect company?

  • LT

    There was no “explosion” the room simply caught on fire. there is no word as to what caused the fire but yes if you combine dust(in this case plastic powdered dust) and oxygen with a spark you will get fire. thankfully the coordinators did a outstanding job of evacuating the building and no one was in harms way.

  • Bob

    How do you know there was not explosion? That is typically how these events occur. Dust is suspended in air, typically a process or dust collection system and an ignition source is introduced, the resulting deflagration(explosion) ignites the additional layers of fugitive dust in the area causing the secondary fire or explosion. Totally preventable with good house keeping and explosion protection equipment.

  • Kaity

    It was not an explosion it was a flash fire. My mom works there know first hand. Little tikes is a great company (used to work there also)

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