2 Children Killed in Suspected Burglary, Arson

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CLEVELAND -- Two children died after an apartment was intentionally set on fire on Kipling Avenue late Thursday, according to authorities.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has identified the victims as Peaches Christburg, 2, and Glacia Ramsey, 7.

Their deaths are being investigated as homicides.

Cleveland police responded to the scene shortly after receiving the first 911 call at 10:05 p.m. After arriving on scene and finding the four-suite apartment building on fire, the Cleveland Fire Department was notified.

According to police, the two young girls were pulled out of the home within minutes. The children were taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital where they later died from their injuries.

Police say their investigation reveals the children were being babysat by their 55-year-old sitter when an unknown male in a hooded sweatshirt forced himself inside. The sitter told police she was forced inside a bathroom and remained inside until she smelled smoke and fled the building, and called police.

The Cleveland Division of Police Homicide and Cleveland Division of Fire Arson Units are investigating the fire.

The Cleveland police is asking anyone with information to contact the Homicide Unit at (216) 623-5494.

This is a developing story. Stay with Fox 8 News and Fox8.com for updates.


    • priceyanymore

      if it had, a 2 and 7 yr old would not have known to get out. The babysitter smelled smoke and fled, so they didn’t play a part.

      Sadly, most people don’t want to spend the close to $4 for a 9V battery per smoke detector anymore. Once they start beeping for the low battery they yank it. And if it wasn’t hardwire installed, no battery means no operation.

      My prayers for the family. I’m certain the young lives are with our Lord.

  • christina

    that’s terrible prayers for the family but the babysitter smoke smoke why didn’t she grabbed the two children and then exit the building? It was me I would have done that

    • fight or flight?

      All great, accurate thoughts. Now try to put yourself into the traumatic situation of being forced into a bathroom by a thug, then smelling smoke, and not knowing if he is still in there or not. The human nature fight/flight/freeze response kicks in, and its a good thing she didn’t freeze. She chose flight, and in her situation it’s not like you sit there and think out the options. I wish she had grabbed the children too, but who knows where they were and how bad the place was in flames. I do not pass judgment on her. Insinuating she passed them up and then insinuating it is suspicious seems out of line to me. Again,I’m not judging or defending her, but know when it comes to do or die what you think now is simple; in that situation it’s all different.

  • Ron G

    That also was my first thought, I would surely try first to make sure the kids were grabbed before running out unless it was impossible, we don’t know the situation. It is just a sad situation at this time of the year. It is thugs in society if the system would just jail them longer then to let them out so fast we would see less of this stuff. Many have a long list of crimes that keep doing it over and over until something tragic happens

  • Chris Wesley

    fear for your own life and remember a lot of our ways of thinking today is think about yourself. if the world wasn’t such a selfish place then maybe she would have been more encouraged to get past her fear, fear is a dangerous weapon and I know if that is what stopped her then she is going to be tortured with regret everyday, anyone that has let fear stop them from doing something important (life risking or not) knows how bad it feels and often leads to alcoholism.

  • Chris Wesley

    it is coincidentally strange that the one little girls last name was Ramsey and the is one famous guy in Cleveland with the last name of Ramsey. let hope this is not a corrupt incident because of the heroicness of a certain man.

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