Common Car Mistake Could Result in Fine

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ELYRIA, OH -- At Nick Abraham's Buick and GMC's service station in Elyria, employees are busy.

"It always gets busy when the weather changes," said Charles Bowman, a mechanic.

But mechanics say when the weather changes, another common mistake is made, one that is actually against the law.

"You're not allowed to just start your car and let it sit in the driveway unattended," said Brian Shaw, service director.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, a vehicle may not be left unattended until the engine is stopped, the ignition is locked and the key is removed. The law also states that the parking brake must be set and the wheels should be turned to the curb if the vehicle is left on a grade.

"The only way you are allowed to do it is if your car is equipped with a remote starter unit," said Shaw.

Emergency or public safety vehicles are exempt from those mandates.

The law will remain in effect until 2017. A violation is considered a misdemeanor.

"It can be dangerous, a young child could get in it or someone could steal your car. You don't want to leave a car unattended," said Shaw.

Mechanics say this weather can be dangerous as well. They say the best way to keep yourself safe starts with tires.

"They go flat when it gets cold. You want to keep up the pressure," added Bowman.

After that, they recommend checking your cars belts and hoses, as well as the battery.

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