Clevelanders Brave Cold Weather

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CLEVELAND -- Clevelanders are tough, but the biting cold is brutal, not to mention the wind chill, which may drop to temperatures below zero.

The streets of Downtown Cleveland near Tower City were a bit empty for a Thursday night. People were bundled up, some shivering, waiting at the bus stop.

"Yeah, I dressed pretty warm, but it's still cold," one woman said.

"It ain't no different than any other year. What's the difference about it now? It's Cleveland, Ohio, come on now," Willie Henry said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, babies and the elderly do not handle the cold as well. One of those dangers is hypothermia.

Signs include:

  • Shivering, exhaustion
  • Confusion, fumbling hands
  • Memory loss, slurred speech
  • Drowsiness

Signs in babies include:

  • Bright red skin
  • Cold skin
  • Very low energy

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical help right away.