Brimfield Police Chief Fires Back at Kanye West

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BRIMFIELD, OH — Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver is known for his humorous yet poignant views on current events, crime and daily life, which he posts on the Brimfield PD Facebook page.

Now, the Chief is firing back at a well-known celebrity.

In a recent interview, Kanye West compared himself to a police officer. Chief Oliver was quick to respond, ending his long Facebook rant with the comment, “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

Read Chief Oliver’s response below.

Fox 8 is speaking with Chief Oliver. For his thoughts behind the post, tune in to Fox 8 News at 10 p.m.

Click here to read more on the Brimfield Police Chief.


  • HelloLady

    First off why is this news? Second the statement is as old as the boomer himself, and third just even entertaining.

  • Patrick Byrne

    That West dude is full of himself. I think Ol’ West should read this. He is nothing heroic, he is nothing but an entertainer. If he did go to war and died, he could replaced lickety-split. West is a foo’s foo.

    • Jake Hooskow

      Ha, Ha, Ha. That phunny. He is full of it. Him and Bieber, and Cyrus, and Hilton. We the public make them disgustingly annoying. I feel that they represent America in the worst possible way. Unlike our police and military whom stand pride everyday. The real heroes are not fly-by-night performer for sure. Feel me Kanye? UhhhH!

    • Don

      I would be Proud to live in a community that has an officer as Proud to be answering a totally ignorant comparison of the difference between being in danger for protecting our community our Nation and being in danger cause you stepped on another rappers rap !!
      Really ?
      Go Chief Oliver!! You go and take us all with you !!

    • Sue

      If BPD and Chief Oliver have more than 95,000 likes, it’s because people love his “tell it like it is” way. He will post 24/7 if it’s important! And this letter is important!
      Did you read his letter? Kayne West thinks being an idiot and rapping is like being a cop or being in a war! Do you have a loved one in either profession? Then SHUT UP!

    • Debbie Anderson

      Hey… even MOPES read the Chief’s blurbs. That aught to scare the crime out of them! I say, keep writing Chief Oliver… keep writing. It’s comforting to know you are out here every day. If there is a day that I dont see you here, I will be wondering what bad things may be keeping you from my community and my protection. And Cherie… all companies and businesses and yes, even churches, have websites and Facebook pages and even Twitter too! Leave our Chief alone please.

    • Beretta

      Yes, because I’m sure there is no possible way he could have posted this while being OFF DUTY! (<-yes, sarcasm). Idiot.

  • nohero

    Kanye should stop singing and try being in the military..He wouldn’t survive.Thank you Brimfield Police Chief for standing up for the veterans

  • Kimberly Kinsey

    West is a joke,& a terrible artist (if you can call him that). His “singing” on stage is nothing like being a police officer or military personal. Please God give us Paul Walker back and we will give you Kayne West.

    • Lauren

      I definately agree with you. How is it we loose someone who is an all around a good person like Paul Walker, and we get stuck with Kayne?


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