Brimfield Chief Sends Stern Message to Kanye West

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BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH -- "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself."

A stern but sincere message sent to hip-hop artist Kanye West by Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver.

"When I wrote that, I actually chuckled," said Chief Oliver.

The Chief blasted the recording artist Thursday on the township's police Facebook page after hearing and reading comments Kanye made during an interview with

Kanye said, "I'm putting my life at risk ... this is like, being a police officer, or like war or something...You're literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you."

That remark and others outraged Chief Oliver.

Several of the officers in Brimfield Township and several family members are combat military veterans.

"Someone equating being a performer to being in a war, I mean, hey," said Chief Oliver. "The comparison isn't even remotely close."

In the Facebook post, which was dripping with sarcasm, the chief also called Kanye "as misguided as they come," and said "if you rap really fast without a chance to inhale, you could pass out and hit head."

Chief Oliver is known for his humorous yet poignant views on current events, crime and daily life, and the Facebook page has well over 97,000 likes, but his Kanye rant garnered attention from multiple media outlets and the site got over one million views in a week.

Leslie writes, “Another idiot called out –I love it.”

Darcshell wrote, “Kanye is quite out of his mind,” and an active duty military person named Bryan posted that “he couldn’t be prouder of this post.”

Chief Oliver says he also received phone calls from soldiers thanking him for standing up to Kanye West.

Veterans at the Brunswick VFW were also grateful. They were especially fond of the Chief's line encouraging Kanye to quit his current job and join the military and then volunteer to serve in Afghanistan.

“I like it,” said Len Bouman, who served in the Navy, USCG and is a retired police officer.

“How many rappers got killed last year? That’s my question,” he asked.

Another Naval veteran named Norman Cerny said, “I don’t think he knows the responsibility of a policeman or the military…I think he should serve overseas with the USO.”

But everyone's favorite line is also the Chief's:

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

They hope Kanye takes that advice to heart and from now on, thinks before he speaks.

“When I wrote that, I actually chuckled because it was, you know, I like having fun and a lot of what I do is sarcastic and tongue and cheek and I didn’t mind that line too much.” said Chief Oliver.

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  • kathie

    Brilliant, chief! SO sick of these “celebrities” who think they know everything about everything. Good for you/

  • WhatAJoke

    I served 27 yrs active duty military. There is no way this hollywood dirtbag is anything close to being a military or police servant to the citizens of this country. To compare his life, which he often brings upon himself, to being at war is absurd. Maybe bama can set up a few hours in a war zone for him – because he’d be wanting his bodyguards and drugs long before the hours are up. When he said it I took offense. To me he is more of a bad influential enemy of the state than one of us.

  • Kate Young

    Those who think the chief does not belong on the Internet – shut up. Kanye West needed to be called out for daring to compare himself to any serviceman/woman, police officer, firefighter. I applaud the Chief – the rest of you, button up.

  • Angela

    Thank you WhatAJoke for your years of service. We appreciate you very much and the men you serve with. Kanye West consider’s his video game to be his daily challenge in the military. Not worthy of an officer’s time. We salute you not sir.

  • mayhem4u

    You go Chief!! Thank you!!

    However, I would like to thank Kanye for exercising his Constitutional right to free speech that my son, a sergeant in the U.S. Army, provides for him and all other citizens! My son wrote a blank check, payable to the people of the United States, for any amount, up to and including his life, to protect the Constitution and the freedom of the people of the United States.

    So feel free to shoot off your mouth, Kanye!! As long as your mouth is still flapping, I know that blank check has not been cashed!!

  • Jfisch

    If Kanye had half a brain cell, he would be quite the man. Alas, he doesn’t so he isn’t. I’d like him to face off to my Marine and say he’s better. We would see the end of Kanye! The guy is an idiot, and that is putting idiots down!

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