Blogger Attacks Christmas Tree Tradition

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A symbol of Christmas is under attack by a Gawker blogger.

Childless adults should not have Christmas trees, according to Cord Jefferson.

Jefferson expresses his opinion in the blog that Christmas tress are expensive, a hassle to get around, and messy. He said he believes people should only put up with the holiday tradition if they have little ones running around.

In his post, Jefferson goes on to state that he does not affiliate with any religion, and said his stance is not an argument against gift-giving. He just firmly believes the tradition should be reserved for children.


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  • Bobbie

    I have plenty of nieces and nephews that come over and love my christmas tree. Im 18 and me n my boyfriend just moved in together we bought a tree because its a tradition for EVERYONE i know to have a tree. If this is the matter they why bother putting up a tree when your children are teenagers?

  • Mary

    The “Christmas” tree was originally a Pagan rite celebrating the Winter Solstice where they decorated the trees around their home and village, that which the Christians adopted while in Scandinavia. Everyone was involved in decorating those trees, even the childless. It was an honor.
    Conclusion? Everyone has the right to have a Tree in their home to decorate, no matter who or how many you have in your family, as long as you wish to celebrate this holiday.

  • Leigh Ann Crews Sturniolo

    it sounds to me like Mr. Jefferson doesn’t want to put up a tree, but feels pressured socially to do so. In an effort to get out of doing it himself, he declares universally that nobody should have one. Except people with kids, of course. Mr. Jefferson, think about it like halloween. Many people who don’t like to dress up in costumes insist it’s only for kids. The fact is, halloween is for anyone who wants to participate, regardless of age. But if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to and shouldn’t feel pressured. Christmas is the same way. It has a basis in religion, symbols that are pagan in origin, and is celebrated by the religious and the secular in similar ways. If you don’t want to participate in all or part of the festivities – don’t. You shouldn’t feel pressured to decorate and/or celebrate any more or less than you want to. But at the same time, you shouldn’t pressure others to decorate any more or less than they want to either. Christmas, stockings, trees, wreaths, gifts, cards, candy canes…none of these are only for any one group of people. They’re for anyone who finds joy in them. If you don’t, please don’t feel obligated.

  • Kenneth King

    Exactly how does a childless couple putting up a tree affect Mr. Jefferson? Perhaps if, as a society, we worried less about what others did, and more about ourselves, we would be better people.

  • David Staufer

    Did anyone ask for this person’s opinion? He thinks it’s expensive and a mess to deal with having a tree in the home for Christmas… Very easy thing to solve.. “Don’t Get a Tree” Now that wasn’t so hard was it?? Didn’t think so.. Now!! in other news the crime rate went down last month…The price of milk went from #3 dollars to $7 overnight…

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