Report: PNC Bank to Nix Tellers

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PNC Bank plans to eliminate tellers from most if its branches within the next five years, reported.

Many of the tellers will become “financial consultants” and details about potential layoffs weren’t revealed.

The banking process would be dramatically different, with the introduction of a “concierge desk” to guide customers.

Many transactions would be handled by an ATM, according to

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  • Alyssa Morrow

    HORRIBLE idea! What will people do when they have problems with their banking? Older people and even some younger people don’t always have access to the internet and we all know the machine doesn’t do everything your teller can do. Less jobs?! Where is America headed?

  • Janet Lingel Aldrich

    NO! My mother in law is 84 and doesn’t have anything to do with the Internet. What is she supposed to do if she needs help? And all those tellers you’re putting out of work! I’m guessing if PNC goes through with this, it will cost them customers — and it should!

  • Mary Lee

    I think there should be at least one teller at each location. I’ve gone to the ATM on a few occasions where the machine was not available and I needed cash quickly. I was able to go inside and get cash from a teller. Perhaps a “financial consultant” could double as a teller. I worked in banking for 25 years. Many people prefer doing business with a person – they don’t trust machines.

  • Debbie

    Seriously!!! You chose who you bank through because of the experience you get when your there. These “tellers” are essential to banking and bringing customers back! I personally bank with PNC and love the individualized attention I get. Again , that’s why I chose PNC. No machine with do that. This is a very stupid and selfish idea!

  • Mallory

    It’s a terrible idea! Not only does it eliminate jobs, but technology lately can be full of more errors than a live person. Shame on you PNC for even thinking about contributing to the failure of our economy!

  • Georgia Williams

    I have been a PNC customer for the past 16 years and I rely on the tellers.We all know your ATM machines are not always up and running.Not a good idea PNC

  • Dianne Fox

    It bothers me, as we get more technologically advanced, that it means eliminating people. There is nothing better than a smiling face greeting you to help with your needs. Very disappointed.

  • Bob Victory

    I closed my PNC account earlier this year. PNC is Predatory & Non Caring. If doing away with their Tellers doesn’t say that, then I don’t know what ever will. They need to go back to Pittsburgh. I’m at Huntington Bank now, where I deal with a real person who treats me with respect. I also get a 10-day grace period every month on my car payment. Come to Huntington – you’ll thank yourself.

  • HelloLady

    Called automation because customer service has become a joke in today’s world. Fast food jokers beware your days are numbered with new iServers lol.

  • Penny Dellorso

    What happens when the power goes out or the electronic devices stop working then what? I agree with Bill the machines are taking over the world. It will be the down fall of the world as we know it.

  • Gwen RN

    I also bank at PNC, but unlike the rest of these comments – I haven’t walked into a branch and used a teller since I opened my account. I have direct depost and do most everything online or drive-up to the ATM.

  • MR

    um…the tellers will be able to do everything including transactions-they will be bankers with the ability to take transactions.
    Does no one read the whole article?

  • Ray B

    I have yet to have an ATM wish me a Merry Christmas or tell me to have a nice day. In fact, an ATM automatic teller machine can’t “tell” you anything, you have to look at it. Thank you PNC for taking the personal touch out of the banking experience. I’ll take my banking elsewhere.

  • Sherry

    I’m glad some of you have the tech savvy and equipment for electronic banking and don’t seem to care about this; but don’t forget those who don’t have that ability. I found it strange that PNC said that they only get 18% of their teller business from inside customers. My bank, Keybank, always has plenty of people inside for banking. PNC is going to lose alot of customers if they go through with this plan.

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