Police Chief’s Wife Sentenced to Jail

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(FILE: Elaine Freeman)

(FILE: Elaine Freeman)

(FILE: Elaine Freeman)

AVON LAKE, Ohio — The wife of a local police chief was sentenced to jail after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor theft charge in Avon Lake Municipal Court.

Elaine Freeman was ordered to serve ten days beginning Dec. 10.

She was also fined $250 and must cover court costs.

Freeman was arrested on Sept. 16 at a Kohl’s in Avon.

Her child was with her at the time.

According to reports, she took several clothing items and a wall decoration.

When Fox 8 News reached out to North Ridgeville Police Chief Mike Freeman after the arrest, he said the matter is a “personal family issue” that he is working on with his wife.

North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock also said Elaine Freeman’s arrest will not impact her husband’s job.

This was Elaine Freeman’s second arrest.

She was arrested last November for a similar charge at the Target in Avon.

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  • Kevin B.

    ten days and $250 dollar fine ? if anyone else was a second time shoplifter who had their CHILD with them undoubtedly would be charged with endangerment and spend at least 6 months or more plus $1000’s of dollars in fines.must be nice to be married to the Chief … bet if shes caught a 3’rd time she’ll be exempt from the 3 strikes law too.

  • Cathy Russell

    How about look up kleptomania and educate yourself? How about have some compassion for a struggling human being? How about….let he who is without sin, throw the first stone?

    • Kevin B.

      say, if someone were to take all the christmas decorations from your yard would you say that they need compassion? if they were to walk into a store and steal something how is this really different? theft is theft. there is a tresspassing issue with taking said decorations but that is another issue.im sure most people wil consider a store theft “just” shoplifting because they dont own it and it does not affect them directly* but if someone were to take your personal “stuff” then suddenly becomes theft because of the immediate effect ? *yes, i know we pay for shoplifting through higher prices. I’m just complaining that i beluieve special considerations while the average joe’s penalties for a second offense would garner hasher punishment.

  • Meadow Lakes Lawn Care

    Hey Kevin, Ohio does not have the 3 strikes law. No matter who she is or is related to, she needs help. I would say she has a form of OCD, Obsessive compulsion disorder. Many people in today’s society do not even know they have anything wrong until they do wrong. As a Ridgeville resident, I hope the Freemans get help & Chief, you have an awesome force behind you if you need support.

    • Kevin B.

      i can appreciate your sentiment i was using hyperbole using the 3 strikes law comment to make a point. the law is the law. if i were to commit a similiar crime and my defense lawyer claimed “your Honor my client has a disorder that he was not aware of. even though this is his second offense” im quite sure we would be laughed out of court and i would be jailed and fined more harshly in my opinion than this wonderful woman was.

  • Meadow Lakes Lawn Care

    If Ohio had the 3 strike rule, all drunk drivers would be serving life after 3. Now we know that is not the case as some have double digits against them. All these struggles are all parts of a different piece of mental illness. Take the time to read about all the different problems listed under mental illness & maybe you will see there are many, like gambling clean “freaks”. Just to name a couple.

    • Kevin B.

      the law has failed us when i see in my local paper 30 +/- listings for ovi daily. as for mental illnesses there are a few in my extended family who have suffered with such disorders but have been given much less leeway in their actions and the resulting consequences. while jail is no place for people with such disorders i believe that all of them should be able to get the appropriate help they need. but sadly in my opinion this treatment is reserved for only a few special occasions and people..

  • Mark

    The police chief should face some sort of disciplinary action as well. His behavior when his wife was picked up was unacceptable, he wanted professional courtesy for his law breaking wife. What about child endangerment or child abuse charges against the wife for using/ bringing her child along on her theft. If the fire chiefs wife was setting small fires around town would she get such a light fine or would she get the book thrown at her and the chief dismissed or corrective action. Such a light sentence and fine are garbage. If she is a klepto then jail plus mandatory psychiatric help. I think there should be more punishment. If it were you or me there would be especially since this is the second one this has happened.

  • george johnston

    I’m sure the chief has known for a long time his wife is a thief. She has just recently been caught. If she needs help as some have suggested then it should be up to the chief to provide it and pay for it, not the tax payers.

  • Brian M

    She’s hot. If I saw her out I’d make eye contact and blow a kiss and try to get some romamnce started. Seriously. Just adding that to the discussion.

  • Timothy B.

    Kleptomania is a complex disorder characterized by repeated, failed attempts to stop stealing. It is often seen in patients who are chemically dependent or who have a coexisting mood, anxiety, or eating disorder. Other coexisting mental disorders may include major depression, panic attacks, social phobia , anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa , substance abuse, and obsessive-compulsive disorder . People with this disorder have an overwhelming urge to steal and get a thrill from doing so. The recurrent act of stealing may be restricted to specific objects and settings, but the affected person may or may not describe these special preferences. People with this disorder usually exhibit guilt after the theft.

    Detection of kleptomania, even by significant others, is difficult and the disorder often proceeds undetected. There may be preferred objects and environments where theft occurs. One theory proposes that the thrill of stealing helps to alleviate symptoms in persons who are clinically depressed.

    Read more: http://www.minddisorders.com/Kau-Nu/Kleptomania.html#ixzz2nCmenNE4

  • Animal Lover

    Then we wonder why kids grow up and think it is o.k. to shoplift? When it comes to situations like this all I have to say is AWSOME parenting!

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