PHOTOS: Cat Rescued from Roof

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CLEVELAND — ‘Lucky’ was safe and sound Wednesday afternoon after being rescued from the roof of a house.

‘Lucky’ is a small orange cat that found its way on top of a house on the east side of Cleveland on Talford Avenue.

No one is sure who the cat belongs to or where it came from, but ‘Lucky’ has been roaming around on the roof of the house for several days.

FOX 8 was called for help and we contacted the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

Wildlife specialists from Critter Control rescued ‘Lucky’ Wednesday afternoon, likely saving the cat’s life.

“A human with a coat would have a hard time surviving out in this,” said Frank Billy of Critter Control. “Now, this cat is stuck up there with no shelter, no food, no water, nothing to even protect her from the wind.”

‘Lucky’ was taken to the APL. There, she was checked out and given a warm place to stay.


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