Send Us Your Holiday Helper Snapshot

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Do you know a holiday helper? That special someone who does a good deed without wanting anything in return.

Give them a shoutout right here on FOX 8!

From that neighborly act of kindness to standing in the freezing cold, raising money for  a charity, send us a photo of a holiday helper you know. (Be sure to include the person’s name and a line of information about them; and remember: The person’s photo could be shown on-air.)

Just click the ‘Submit Your Photo’ button below.

*You can also CLICK HERE for details on how you could win an iPad mini by sending in a Salvation Army volunteer photo*


  • Steve Louden

    Why in the name of God don’t you people stop inserting the word “holiday” where the word CHRISTMAS should be? Why do you constantly offend Christian people all over the world by doing this????

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