Father Unable to Save Sons From House Fire

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ORRICK, Missouri — A Missouri father says he tried but was unable to save his two sons when the family’s home went up in flames.

According to WDAF, the FOX affiliate in Kansas City, Randy Garrison returned from a 24-hour shift around 6 a.m. Tuesday and went straight to bed. He woke up to the sound of his sons Roger, 3, and Ashton, 22 months, screaming.

Garrison said he tried to break though a bedroom wall to get to his sons. When that failed, he ran into the hallway.

“I fell over a bungee cord or something that was keeping their bedroom door shut,” he said. “I ran outside the back door and ran around to the front and started ripping the sheeting off the side of the house and trying to punch through that way and I couldn’t.”

Garrison said the boys’ mother was in the house asleep when he went to bed. But when the boys’ screams woke him up, she was gone.

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